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Hauck shopper trio set

(3 Posts)
lovecharms Wed 13-Jan-16 13:40:33

Has anyone ever had one of these before or know someone who has?
I'm expecting another baby and feel I need another pram. My current travel system is just too big and bulky (and getting it in the car boot is a nightmare). It's also not suitable for the buses or tubes if I ever fancy a day out in London so I need something not too pricey but suitable enough to get out and about in.

skankingpiglet Wed 13-Jan-16 21:40:50

I didn't have this one but a different Hauck trio (Eagle Soft I think?). TBH it lasted about 6 weeks until it found it's way into the loft of broken dreams. I kept the basinette out as that was useful as a downstairs Moses basket. I found it bulky, rickety, poorly made and it ground to a halt the moment I tried to push it over grass. If money's tight, have you considered buying second hand? You can get some excellent 'nearly new' systems that are barely used on eBay for a fraction of the price of new. I bought a Mountain Buggy Swift like this after the Hauck, and wished I'd gone down the second hand route from the off. I know the MB isn't to everyone's taste but it suits my needs very well. It was only £100 plus another £40-odd for a new cosy toes and liner, and has held up well enough to last for #2 who I'm currently cooking. I would never have been able to bring myself to pay for one at full price, but this was a good compromise.

Kent1982 Wed 13-Jan-16 23:10:31

Hi I had to get the Haick lacrosse system. As it was pretty much only thing I could fit in my tiny boot (new car so not swapping it) I didn't want it but a year on I have loved it, it's been great. I've walked for miles on beaches, on semi rough ground, shopping. It is light. I can't fault it really. I expected so little of it but it's been great and I haven't treated it particularly kindly. A year on and no faults at all so far,

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