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what am i supposed to be doing?

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fluffikins Tue 12-Jan-16 15:55:20

What am I supposed to be doing all day with a 7 month old? I go to groups twice a week, play with her on the floor, read to her and we're doing baby led weaning so we do 'meals' 3x a day which involves preparing and cleaning up but I often find that 20 mins has gone by where I've been sat in silence while she sits on the playmat and I feel guilty for not interacting and just have the ticking of the clock on the background.

Is this ok? Or should I be doing more?

KP86 Tue 12-Jan-16 17:15:10

Sounds fine to me. If you don't like the silence why don't you put some music or the radio on? If you have Apple Music or Spotify, find a kids channel and sing until your heart's content.

You could also jump in the pram and go for a short walk to break up the afternoon.

I imagine at that age she's still having at least two good naps, which doesn't really leave that much extra time in the day for activities!

Babies at that age are more than happy pottering around the house, watching their parents.

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