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What to do at home with 5 and 2 year old boys

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AlexPKeaton Tue 12-Jan-16 13:47:49

I have 2 DSs, ages 5 and 2. We've recently moved to a different part of the country, and we don't know anyone here yet. The move was a good thing for our family and both boys seem happy in our new house and have adjusted well to their new schools --and I am depressed and lonely.-- Over the holiday we had just moved in and I know we let them watch way too much TV/iPad while DH and I got the house organized, but now that DH is back to work and kids are back in school I'm trying to get them back in the routine of watching TV primarily on weekends. It's not working. My older DS gets home from school around 3:30, and the next 3 hours are awful. Both boys seem bored and restless and look to me for entertainment. When they play together, it always results in someone crying within 5 minutes. They constantly ask to turn on the TV and sometimes I say yes out of desperation. Older DS has always needed a lot of attention, but lately it's like he's forgotten how to play with toys or do anything without my complete participation. These boys have PLENTY of toys, including several new things from Christmas, so there is no reason for them to be bored. We also have all manner of craft supplies.

I try to get them outside as much as possible, but at this time of year it's hard, and also hard to meet anyone. Older DS has has been invited to a few friends' houses and we have reciprocated, but TBH I HATE doing that bc I spend the whole time trying --without much success-- to distract younger DS from harassing the older kids.

So what exactly am I supposed to be DOING with these two??

Wilson99 Tue 12-Jan-16 14:10:02

Speaking frm experience as a techer of kindergarten children I would say that yet are just in a new faze of settling-in to your new life and routine.
Firstly, decide exactly what you WANT it to look like, your ideal routine. Maybe you would like them to play for an hour by themselves when they first get home followed by a story with mum followed by dinner, followed by bath, play time and bed. Once you have decided on this routine start to out it into place and be sure to do the same thing everyday.
When the children get home you tell them- 1 hours play or "now I would like it if you can try to play it a little while without mummy", "I'm here if you need my help with something".
Explain that this is what you want and remind them of this. Also explain what will happen once they have finished this play. "After play time you and I will chose a story and read it together before dinner. (Or something to this effect.)
Give them time reminders when they are bored and try to simplify the toy selection so that they don't have to choose form too much. Give ten maybe 3 options of things they can do and put the rest of the toys away.
Every time that there is a fight, get them calm and remind then that they still have play time for X amount of minutes and then leave them alone. Do this with all of the routine until bedtime.
If they are still fixated by the TV then just remove it. Pack it away until they lose all memory of it (this should take a few weeks.)
This will mean that you too can't watch tv but if you are expecting them not too, then they will see this as fair.
If there are years, stick to your routine, stay firm with your decisions and they will soon see that you are not going to be manipulated - this is the MOST important thing!!

Let me know how this goes smile

AlexPKeaton Tue 12-Jan-16 16:08:48

Thank you so much, Wilson. The routine you have described would be lovely! I really appreciate your advice and I'm going to try it exactly. Thanks for giving me hope smile

Wilson99 Tue 12-Jan-16 17:21:06

Tears not years**

Good! Keep in touch!

starburns Wed 13-Jan-16 00:32:43

I posted a similar thread recently! Maybe some of the replies will be helpful for you as well. Here it is.

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