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Stokke tripp trapp chair

(9 Posts)
Willow33 Tue 12-Jan-16 10:56:03

I have just got one off ebay which I have found out is the older style one with a high, rounded back. It has a safety cross bar at the front. Tbh it is difficult to get my chunky thighed 8 mo in and put of it as the bar is immovable.
Is this chair as good as it is made put to be? I like the idea of eating at the table which should eventually happen. She isn't able to sit up by herself yet.
Is it worth getting the newer baby set - is that flexible? I have a newer version for my 3 yo to sit on (also recently bought second hand). So I could swap them around.

wonkylegs Tue 12-Jan-16 11:00:41

We have one of the old style ones which we bought for DS from when he was a baby we never had a problem getting him in it so I can't comment on that but I'm now having trouble persuading him that he's got to give it up for his new sibling when it's big enough (he'll be 8) so we've definitely got our money's worth. We never used a different highchair at home.

Thebookswereherfriends Tue 12-Jan-16 11:05:52

We have a Hauck one (almost the same as the stokke) which is only £40 New and it is wonderful for not taking up space like a high chair and I really think helps dd with eating as she is always watching what we do. She is 3 now and has lovely manners. It will easily last her until she is 8 or so.

BarbarianMum Tue 12-Jan-16 12:34:50

We have 2 of the old style ones and my kids still use them age 10 and 7 (not with the safety bar obviously)!

Personally, I found the chairs least good when they were under 18 months (problems with getting the legs in as you've found out) and excellent thereafter.

PigeonPie Tue 12-Jan-16 12:44:26

I'm trying to remember how we got around getting DS2 in and out with his chubby legs (7+ years ago!). I think that we took the cushion off the seat, but kept it on the back and he slid in reasonably easily and was still pretty comfy. We did have reins attached to the chair to keep them stable.

The DSs (who are now 10 and almost 8) still use theirs. We've just made DS1's into the adult chair by moving the footrest up to be the seat (and turned it over!). They're still very comfy chairs which I will often choose to sit in if they aren't around!

Myhousetoday Tue 12-Jan-16 12:45:43

You need to make sure the seat board is as far back as possible, sort of in line with the safety bar then getting the feet through should not be an issue. Used ours (old style, no idea of new ones) well into toddlerhood and beyond without the safety bar obviously.... But you can only start using it when baby sits up confidently.

LentilStew Tue 12-Jan-16 12:48:24

I don't think you are supposed to use it until they can sit unaided. I've used them for all 4 of mine. With one I struggled with the bar do just took it off and used the harness instead. It's safe and secure and actually, you can push the chair further towards the table without the bar.

Willow33 Wed 13-Jan-16 17:34:31

Thanks. Will see about a harness.

WicketWoo Sat 16-Jan-16 12:35:48

We had my husbands Tripp trapp (he's 37) so they really last. Please, please buy the rubber bits that you attach to the feet at the back to stop it being pushed back. They are quite unsafe without them ( especially if you haven't bought the high backed baby bit)

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