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chicco car seat

(9 Posts)
Morgan6653 Mon 11-Jan-16 10:52:03

I have purchased the chicco urban travel system that came with the car seat and autofix base. We have tried installing this in my hubby's vauxhall astra estate and it moves about a lot it's like it doesn't fit.

Has anyone had this problem. Need to know if need to buy new car seat and if I can find one that fill fit in stroller otherwise will need new pram as well and baby due in a week. Please help!

PennyHasNoSurname Mon 11-Jan-16 10:54:35

Where did you buy the system from? Could they fit it for you? I use a FB page called "Car seat advice for Mummies and Daddies" which apart from its boak worthy name has masses of info about which seats fot which cars and there are good knowledgeable admins who can help.

I used a Youtube guide to fit my seat - could you look see if anyone has done a Youtube video of that seat in that car?

PennyHasNoSurname Mon 11-Jan-16 10:55:18

Oh and also, if the base doesnt fit securley maybe just put the seat in belted and return the base?

Morgan6653 Mon 11-Jan-16 13:14:30

Thanks for the advice will look up videos. Unfortunately when it's citied without the base still isn't secure

Morgan6653 Mon 11-Jan-16 13:14:46


PennyHasNoSurname Mon 11-Jan-16 21:09:31

Did you buy it from a store or online? Usually most places want to check it fits before they

feeona123 Mon 11-Jan-16 21:21:40

Do you mean it moves from side to side? If so its just the isofix.

My hubby's are like this in his car as they are visible from the seat. Mine moves less as the isofix are under the seat.

Morgan6653 Tue 12-Jan-16 09:02:00

I bought it online. I think part of the problem is it's an autofix base not an isofix base so doesn't have the pole to steady

FireflyGirl Tue 12-Jan-16 09:41:04

Morgan can you link to the base?

I have an Astra and we used the Chicco Hold seat with autofix not isofix with no problems, but it had a pole into the footwell.

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