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his relatives are bad influence what can i do!?!

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RebeccaRHY1 Mon 11-Jan-16 00:05:43

So my in laws are interesting people.
I worry about the impact they will have on our children growing up. Alot suffer from anxiety/depression. There are alcohol issues and drug misuse.
I kno i cant stop my children seeing these people and more often than not they arent too bad when the kids are there. But they can be inappropriate in the way they talk around them, swearing, etc. im dreading the days my children may choose to spend more time with them. Get in deeper conversation etc im dreading them looking up to these people! They are family after all. How do i deal with this. I currently limit the time they have together and also supervise it. Oh thinks it isnt a big deal. But their outlook on life is so depressing, its like lets drink, do drugs and eat crap cos lifes shit and we're all just gonna die! :-//

RebeccaRHY1 Mon 11-Jan-16 08:21:27


TheTigerIsOut Mon 11-Jan-16 08:29:47

I think you meed to put in the balance what positive things your children will get from them, against the negative ones. And then decide wether is a goid idea to stay in regular contact at all.

But you also have to be very detached when you make this decision to avoid your judgement being cluded by the dislike you feel towards them.

Is your DP or DH the same? What does he think about the relatives' behaviour ans possible influence on his children?

RebeccaRHY1 Mon 11-Jan-16 12:57:54

To be honest as a whole i get on with them ok. But im an adult i can just let the way they are and things they say go over my head. Its their choice to live the way they do at the end of the day. But children are very impresionable! They make out its cool to drink and live life wild. My oh thinks his upbringing was pretty normal. Despite the fact his dad introduced him to cocain! And would regularly do lines with him growing up! Dont think his mum ever knew! My oh doesnt take it now but thats the kind of man his dad is. Hes not a bad man, jut made bad choices and Has deep embedded issues he deals with daily by drinking etc. unsure as to weather hed still do coke!?
But u can see why it concerns me.

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