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Go Henry card ??

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dgcoco5 Sun 10-Jan-16 09:34:00

Hi does anyone have the go Henry card ( visa card to manage pocket money ) for kids ? If so is it any good ??

jennyt19 Mon 01-Aug-16 20:18:36

Just bumping this to the top because I'd also be interested. I'm interested in it for my ds.

jennyt19 Mon 01-Aug-16 20:19:57

Hi dgcoco5, did you ever take out the card for your kids. Interested in doing the same for my ds.

wizzywig Mon 01-Aug-16 20:26:46

I have but i actually dont have a clue how it works. I have set up a direct debit and have kind of stopped there. Im charged 50p everytime i transfer his pocket money in

Sofabitch Mon 01-Aug-16 20:30:39

We've used it for a year or so now. It's great. You get charged to top up so I find it cheaper to top up larger amounts less frequently. But then it puts x amount in every Saturday to my Dcs bit.

And there is a bit where you can link extra payments to chores etc. I love it

Titsalinabumsquash Mon 01-Aug-16 20:31:31

My 8 and 11 yr old sons have one each, I keep it on me and hand it over when they're out.
Pocket money goes in weekly and half goes into the savings section.

They have limits to what they can spend on one day and they can earn extra for certain things. It's good I think but they don't really spend money so they both have a good amount saved up at present.

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