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When to potty train?

(5 Posts)
skankingpiglet Sat 09-Jan-16 21:35:35

Let me start by saying I don't think DD is ready yet, but I'm a planner and know there are things that can be done now (like leaving the potty out to get used to) in preparation.
DD is currently 19mo, and I had been planning to tackle it over the summer, utilising the warm weather to go nappy-free. She is beginning to show some signs of readiness, so we are on track for this to work I think. At the moment she will (mostly) take herself off when she needs a poo, come back and tell me, then start to make her way upstairs for a nappy change. She can go for several hours staying dry. We've sat her on her potty before her bath every night for the last couple of months, and she has managed a few wees which we've praised. She insists on trying to prize my legs apart for a look when I'm on the loo, and will flush it for me after sometimes. She still looks amazed however when she does a wee without a nappy on like she can't believe what's coming out of her...

Now for the spanner in the works. DC2 is due in June (a couple of weeks after DD turns 2) and I know it's not a good idea to attempt to train too close to any major life changes, so would I be better to:
1. Train before (not sure how close to the birth would be too close though?) and accept it may be a bit harder as she'll be that little bit younger than I'd originally planned, and that she may regress a bit once the baby's here.
2. Wait until after the baby's born, with the knowledge that by the time I've gotten past that newborn blur of the first few months the temperature will have likely dropped which adds the complication of additional clothes. also concerned I'll get another one like DD who won't be put down or put up with me sorting DD out

What have been your experiences please MN hive mind? WWYD?

loveyoutothemoon Sat 09-Jan-16 21:46:27

From experience I'd say don't choose a best time, don't do it when you decide it's the best time. Do it when she is completely ready. Keep her in nappies and let her take the lead (going on the toilet/potty). She is learning from watching you on the toilet. Keep the potty around all the time, even if she isn't compltely ready. My youngest liked to watch my eldest on the toilet, and did it when she wanted to, not a single accident. Whereas with my eldest, I thought she was ready, tried to train her when I wanted her to (on my week off work!) and we had countless accidents. You can't plan it.

FaithAscending Sat 09-Jan-16 21:55:56

We did the latter with DD. She'd started saying when she was going in her nappy but she absolutely refused to try on the potty or toilet. Then at 2y 7m she sat on the potty one night and did a wee! She cracked it within a couple of weeks after that but it was very much on her terms.

Get what you need in - potty, I highly recommend a potette (try eBay) for a potty on the go and some pull-ups and follow her lead.

EugenesAxe Sat 09-Jan-16 22:19:08

I'd say give it a go but wait until they are ready - stop if you get no success on Day 1.

You show them the potty or the toilet and tell them what to do, then leave them; you don't ask them to get on it and try to wee every 15 mins or whatever. There will be many accidents; you say 'don't worry - try to go on the potty next time'. I suppose if they don't go for two or three hours you could suggest they try. Success obviously praised but don't go overboard with it. I think when children are ready you will see some kind of success on Day 1.

In your case I'd try now, then if nothing doing wait until your DD is 2 1/2y, then 2 3/4. I don't consider it at all a sign of brilliance or otherwise, the age your child potty trained, so don't get too hung up over it smile

Don't make it traumatic for your child - that is the most important thing.

skankingpiglet Sun 10-Jan-16 22:35:03

Thanks for your replies smile I don't plan on forcing the issue, but can see if she keeps developing at the pace she has for the last couple of months she'd certainly be capable at 2. Whether she chooses to be is another matter. I think I might try a day nappy-free with some gentle encouragement at our first warm period to test the water and if it's a no wait to try again in September (when the baby will be a bit bigger and hopefully not permanently attached to my boob!). I'm going to get a loo seat thing too I think for her to try as she always had been one for not accepting kid's versions of things but wanting the real deal. She might be more accepting of the grown-up throne wink
I have had a look at the potette Faith. Thanks, it looks like a really good 'out and about' option!

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