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Birthday party present etiquette

(12 Posts)
awkwardas78 Thu 07-Jan-16 20:05:43

Been invited to a party for a 4 year old girl - one of dd's preschool acquaintances. Don't want to spend megabucks but don't want to buy a rubbish present either. What kinds of things do people usually get?

dementedpixie Thu 07-Jan-16 20:08:31

Drawing pad and some colouring in pens?

CMOTDibbler Thu 07-Jan-16 20:11:44

The normal spend is £5, so books, craft stuff, small toy sort of thing

youlemming Thu 07-Jan-16 21:40:41

I find the entertainer great for school friends presents, £5-£10 usually some sort of arts/crafts or the Orchard games are good especially if you don't know what they are into character wise.

Topsy34 Thu 07-Jan-16 21:48:39

£5, maybe a smidge more if i see something for say £5.50. I generally text the parent and ask what they would like. I would rather buy £5 worth of stickers if thats what they are into, rather than them ending up with a houseful of crap they dont need

amarmai Sun 10-Jan-16 16:23:28

attach a gift receipt on the gift and they can exchange it. Games are good value and provide family fun e.g. go fish with a pack of cards , or a slinky, or a jigsaw.

jelliebelly Sun 10-Jan-16 16:39:59

No more than £10 and get something quite generic if you don't know them. Did has a party next week and I've had a couple of texts asking what kind of thing she likes - could you do that?

flossietoot Sun 10-Jan-16 16:42:57

I spend 10 to 15 depending on how friendly the children are! I buy a variety of things from arts and crafts stuff, 'steffi' dolls to pyjamas and a sweetie.

AutumnLeavesArePretty Sun 10-Jan-16 19:31:16

Upto £12 for most, more when a special friend. Cheap cards and paper though as they only end up in the recycling.

JimmyGreavesMoustache Sun 10-Jan-16 19:33:54

I spend £7-10
craft stuff is usually a safe bet for younger girls
Although at DD2's party she was given a couple of fairly small token presents alongside a fiver in a card, which I might start doing for kids I know less well.

CadenceRoastingByAnOpenFire Sun 10-Jan-16 19:35:29

Yes orchard games are great. The 2 for £15 toys/crafts/activities in argos have a lot of options and can work out good value. Home bargains can be good too, often sell branded toys at good prices.

Chelsea26 Sun 10-Jan-16 19:36:12

I buy loads of something when Argos do a 3 for 2. This time it was crocodile dentist, quite pleased actually as it is gender neutral l, there are no little bits to get lost and it is fairly robust. Worked out about £7 each which is ok

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