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Am i doing enough?...

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Lillylou1991 Wed 06-Jan-16 12:13:34

I just feel like im not doing enough for my DS.
Hes 4 weeks old now but a totally advanced baby! Hes rolling over, has full control of his head, smiling his head off and completely engaged with everything.
Ive read that 4 week olds normal routine is eat, nappy, sleep & repeat however DS will wake up around 8am then be up till 2pm then wake up for dinner around 7pm then up till 10/11pm. He only wakes once at 4am for a night time bottle .
While hes awake we have a good play and cuddle on my lap (he loves climbing up my body) then all i can think of doing once hes fed up of that is putting him in his bouncy chair or on his play mat-gym to look at things. I feel like im boring him and im not stimulating him enough. I do talk to him about stuff but im not very good at talking to someone who cant talk back... i tend to run out of things to talk about.

Am i being paranoid or is there other things i could be doing?

Shelduck Wed 06-Jan-16 13:51:48

Sounds like you're doing fine! You've come to the point the everyone does with a newborn where you've got the hang of feeding and nappies, and now your DS is spending more time awake you sit there and think "Hmm? Now what?" Babies really don't need massive amounts of stimulation (regardless of what people trying to flog you baby toys might say!). Even if he's sat looking around and watching you while you potter about, he will be learning and absorbing information all the time. He'll love watching your face while you make silly faces or make silly noises. And yes it does start to feel weird talking to a newborn all day, so I did lots of singing instead. All the best, and congratulations!

Lillylou1991 Thu 07-Jan-16 12:14:02

Awh thank you shelduck my DS is my first so i (like every mum ever) have no idea what im doing yet so thank you for putting my mind at rest.
He seemed to enjoy my house exercises today once i picked him up from his bouncy chair. I also tried the singing technique and he fell asleep! Its 12.10!!!

Shelduck Thu 07-Jan-16 14:33:57

There you go then! Singing is a brilliant tool, even if it's just to keep you calm!

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