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scared 3yr old

(9 Posts)
unsure2015 Sat 02-Jan-16 19:02:50

Hi iam hoping that someone can shed some light into my dd behaviour. She's becoming really scared at night says aliens are getting her then saying she wants to sleep in our bed we don't let her as we don't want to create bad habits. Even though the day she's becoming scared when alone more so in her bedroom . Its always aliens comeing to get her . No matter what we do its not working. If it helps she's not potty trained yet . Am also due ds in a few wks and she is starting nursery next wk so lots of stress for her which I expect is the cause but don't know the solution.

unsure2015 Sat 02-Jan-16 19:07:08

She just turned three and everything is smooth as it can be with a three year old

Jw35 Sat 02-Jan-16 19:13:48

What have you tried? Have you got rid of them for her? Eg check cupboards and under bed and tell them to shoo! It's worth taking her fears seriously, I agree it's probably anxiety related. How does she feel about starting nursery? She will have a lot to deal with having a new baby in the house and being apart from you at the same time.

unsure2015 Sat 02-Jan-16 19:18:54

She seems excited about nursery. We have tried making them going away and a magic light also light music none work sad hate seeing her like this

Jw35 Sat 02-Jan-16 22:55:19

Mm I wonder what started it? Poor thing. Hopefully more people will come with better advice

Lexigrey Sat 02-Jan-16 22:59:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

goodenoughmum88 Sun 03-Jan-16 06:12:21

My almost 3 year old DS has started saying he's scared at bedtimes (various things, mainly dinosaurs which he loves!). We reassure that his bears (which he's slept with since a baby) will protect him, leave a nightlight on and bedroom door ajar with hall light on and say we'll check on him (which we do).

He's king of stringing out bedtime but we find giving more time is better so he gets a good amount of quiet close time with either me or DH which seems to settle him better. It seems to us that his imagination has gone nuts in the last few months with lots of imaginative play and making up stories so some of it is going to carry over to night time fears.

wickedlazy Sun 03-Jan-16 06:16:02

Has she got a night light? Are you closing blinds and curtains at night?

unsure2015 Sun 03-Jan-16 07:03:41

Thanks last night was better still scared when put in her bed but better like the idea of spay which we will use tonight if need be

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