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Birthday party for DS tomorrow... red eyes maybe conjunctivitus today... what to do?

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Gonkster Sat 02-Jan-16 11:25:09

DS woke yesterday with a red eye (we've all got/had classic Christmas cold/virus). DD had it last week, only in one eye, and it cleared up on its own within 36 hours.

This morning though, DS woke, both eyes red and gunky so now using ointment but his birthday party is tomorrow! Should we just go ahead and hope it clears? We will have lost our deposit anyway at venue but should we cancel? Should we inform the parents in advance? Should I sit down, have a coffee and not worry so much? !! Or should I be Mrs Responsible Citizen and let everyone know.

DinoSnores Sat 02-Jan-16 11:30:04

Public Health England says that children with conjunctivitis don't need to be kept away from school etc, so, assuming he feels well and you can tell him to leave his eye alone and wash his hands, I'd carry on and would be happy for my children to attend his party.

Gonkster Sat 02-Jan-16 11:39:27

Dinosnores, thank you. Got myself in a right tizzy this morning about it. Normally, I feel confident in what to do.

He says he feels fine other than a classic cold. No temp etc. He's good at washing hands and not touching so perhaps we'll be ok after all. Again, thanks. Don't know why I don't come to mumsnet more often... always so helpful!

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