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3yo doesn't really play with toys.

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imwithspud Wed 30-Dec-15 20:53:59

I'm wondering if anyone else's 3 year old is similar. She just doesn't seem interested in toys lately, she used to play a lot more, but nowadays not so much. I mean she does occasionally, and has a brilliant imagination, if I have to cook dinner she's more likely to go to her toys - but even if we sit and encourage her to play or set up an activity she doesn't often want to, or if she does it's 5minutes before she's bored and wanting to do something else. There are days where it seems like her toys have barely been touched! I thought it was because she had outgrown what she has and was in need of some new toys and that she would be inclined to play more after Christmas when she had some new ones but she hasn't really bothered with them. She has a tablet, which we allow her to use for one hour a day (it has a timer on it so it switches off after that point), and she enjoys physical activity such as riding her scooter, bike and jumping on the trampoline but the weather's been rubbish lately - lot's of rain so we haven't been able to get out as much.

It seems like she'd rather spend time bouncing and climbing all over us which is fine to a point but it gets wearing, especially when we're constantly telling her to stop and she doesn't listen - which inevitably results in tears when we put her on the floor.

I'm assuming it's all normal 3 year old behaviour and I need to suck it up and get on with it? It's relentless at times and what with a 7month old as well I feel like I never get any personal space through the day.

tittysprinkles Wed 30-Dec-15 21:15:18

Mine is exactly the same, and I was like that as a child too. She much prefers interactive stuff, watching TV and doing messy crafts. In the summer she would like the park, swings, slide, trampoline etc.

She's starting to get really into playing with my 6 month old but can be a bit rough with her just yet. I think when she has a little playmate she'll be very happy indeed but toys - no just not interested!

imwithspud Wed 30-Dec-15 21:24:38

Yes I am hoping when DD2 is a bit older and able to play properly then they will play together, hopefully! It just seems like other kids her age will sit and play undisturbed for at least half an hour. The climbing and jumping on us is the worst part I think, it's just constant, even when we tell her no she still does it - and other little irritating things like sitting in the seat either me or dp were literally about to sit in. I feel like it's an attention seeking thing, that maybe we're not giving her enough - but then I think about it and we do lots with her and she is in no way deprived of love or anything like that. I find if I'm busy then she's more inclined to play with her toys (after a bit of mithering me), and I know she plays with toys at pre-school. I think I'm just finding this age really difficult. Glad to know it's not just my child though!

Topsy44 Wed 30-Dec-15 21:46:37

I have a 3 year old dd like that too. Her favourite thing to do is climb all over me and she is obsessed by my hair for some reason. It drives me bonkers and is relentless!

Last Xmas she played with her toys all day at my parents. This Xmas we went to my brothers and they have 3 dcs so she spent most of the time playing with them thankfully but if they weren't there I think she would have gone bonkers with boredom.

She is exactly the same in that she loves anything physical, scootering, running around, playing hide and seek etc. but to sit down with a jigsaw or something is just not happening.

I agree it's very waring. I'm a single parent and am just clinging on to the hope that this 'climbing' phase will be over soon!

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