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Is there anywhere I can go?

(4 Posts)
Katieemilyxo Wed 30-Dec-15 15:39:42

Iv lived with my parents with my five month old son and my dad has turned very aggressive he shouts abuse at me calls me mental fat everyname you could possible name he always has treated me like iv ment nothing recently hes been playing up again having episodes where hes been getting physical towards me and today he grabbed me by my clothes and pinned me to the floor shouting abuse in my house and shouting infront of my baby hes constantly bullying me and making my life a misery and making me get my depression back no one believes the way he treats me he gets away with it as he acts like this innocent bloke and deep down hes nasty my brothers all stick by him as he has money and stick up for him no one will believe what he does I called the police when I was younger from where he would throw me about and they laughed in my face no one will do anything I just need to find somewhere to go I dont feel like I can live here with my son is there anywhere I can go

Katieemilyxo Wed 30-Dec-15 15:40:23

Shouting abuse in the house-

Eachpeachpearplum1985 Wed 30-Dec-15 19:21:23

Sounds horrible and not a safe place to bring your baby up in. Contact your local women's aid or domestic abuse service for support. They will believe you! They may be able to help you find accommodation or e.g. housing association property or women's refuge.

MintyBojingles Wed 30-Dec-15 19:29:06

That sounds awful sad you need to get out of there! You could try your local woman's refuge, or possibly a YMCA? Or talk to your local council housing department.

Do you have any friends or family you could go to fur a couple days?

Good advice here:

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