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Son turning his back on me!

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Luckygirlcharlie Wed 30-Dec-15 14:26:04

So I stupidly fell down the stairs before Christmas and can't walk. Just ligaments but in agony and can't do much. Am 30 wks pg and have a 15 month DS. I'm usually the one that does most of the baby care - DH does other stuff - but haven't been able to do much since this happened as can't pick him up or anything. DH been great. DS has always loved his dad but I'm the one he comes to most and if he's tired hungry or hurts himself etc. We're still having a bit of a laugh together playing as much as I can but he's really shunning me the rest of the time for his dad. Cries and shakes his head if I try to get to come to me over daddy. Hes actually cried to get out of my arms twice now. It's killing me. It must be confusing for him that I'm seemingly sitting on my butt and not looking after him but I didn't expect this reaction. So on top of the pain of the sprain (can't take anything but paracetamol which is useless for this) and the fact I can't do much for myself I have the guilt of 'neglecting' DS and the sadness from him turning his back on me. Crying as i write! Pathetic I know but has anyone else experienced this? Thanks. X

Pandapickle100 Wed 30-Dec-15 18:58:38

Hi, I'm just recovering from 9 weeks of severe back pain and couldn't lift, carry or look after my 9 month old daughter. DH had to reduce hours at work and my mum and sister have shared the childcare too. I noticed my daughter turning her face away from me and looking confused as to why I could play laying on the floor but do nothing else with her, it was heart breaking. I'm recovering now and she has become super clingy with me and is wanting me again. I know it's hard, but it will revert back when you recover. Get well soon!

Luckygirlcharlie Wed 30-Dec-15 20:40:24

Thanks Panda. It's crap isn't it. Hope your back is fully recovered. I just feel so bloody useless. Have copied post into the behavioural section as I think that might be better place for it. Here's to a permanent and speedy recovery for both of us!

feeona123 Thu 31-Dec-15 23:38:57

Don't want to make things worse but it might get worse once the baby comes.

My little girl wouldn't come near me when I had the new baby. It was only for a few days but it was heartbreaking!

Hubby is still fave but a few weeks ago I was, so hoping I'll get back in there soon!! Xxx

gillybeandramaqueen Wed 06-Jan-16 16:54:50

Hi everyone!

I am having a similar issue with my toddler. He is 27 months old and has a 3 month old baby brother. It used to be just me and my boy all day long midweek until I fell pregnant with my second boy. Towards the end of my pregnancy, basically the last two months, he was so huge inside me and I had so much water that I could hardly walk and was in so much pain. Me and my toddler were basically housebound the last 6 weeks right up until I gave birth and could only get out early evening when daddy and granny finished up at work. Even now with the new baby, we still don't get out every day like we should and he is very much a Daddy and Granny's boy... he usually always turns to them before he will turn to his Mummy - even when he is upset, hurt or unwell... I try not to allow it to get to me too much as he is just only two - but then at other times it really does make me feel like absolute SHIT!!!

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