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7yo DD - anyone else had difficulty with a DD of this age?

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MajorClanger123 Wed 30-Dec-15 11:14:18

Is this a known tricky age for girls, or is it just mine going through a tricky phase?!

She's a much loved middle child, but is just so damn tricky at the moment sad.

She is having friendship issues at school - which she still seems so cross about during the Christmas holidays. Its her birthday in a month & she is planning a party which involves classmates I don't believe she really spends much time with (but is so cross with closer friends she doesnt want to invite any of them right now. Could all change next week though!)

She seems to have insane jealousy about situations - from school friendships to us just praising our other kids at home (we praise her too, but she is furious when another sibling gets praise / attention).

She wakes up moody - this morning she instantly started crying upon waking as she wanted breakfast immediately and we weren't downstairs to make it for her.

She finds falling asleep hard - always wants to be colouring in / playing and gets furious when we say lights off. Cue much mucking about, coming downstairs, often tears etc. Finally settles 9pm (too late for a 7yo in my opinion).

She seems emotionally very immature (which i know is daft to say as a 7yo, of course she is). BUt can't seem to articulate her feelings very well - just blows her top instead.

She is beautifully behaved, bright & polite at school - teacher tells me as such and I do believe her. She just seems to let rip when out of school. Something as simple as me bringing the wrong snack at school pick up will send her off into a spiral of fury & upset.

We're just going with the 'we love you regardless' type support at the moment, but it is so exhausting some days. Nothing seems right, everything seems to annoy her.

Please tell me it'll pass, or are we now in this until puberty and beyond shock

SoontobeMommyof2 Thu 31-Dec-15 02:59:20

We are going through the same with our 7 year old DD. Sometimes she is fine and she says I'm going to be good forever now Mommy. Then 5mins later she is stropping around as something wasn't just right.
We've had problems at school with girls being nasty and she will get upset about it on the weekends or times when there is no school. Maybe it is just a faze?

MajorClanger123 Thu 31-Dec-15 08:34:18

Thanks soontobe - sounds just like our DD. Here's hoping it is just a phase confused

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