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One year vaccinations - hysterical baby a week later?

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AmyAmy1980 Mon 28-Dec-15 16:39:15

My daughter had her one year vaccinations exactly a week ago. Ever since she has been a different baby. Overly anxious, crying and hysterical if anyone leaves the room (not just me - grandparents, dad, nursery staff), and tantruming at the least thing - all the time, unsettled sleep. She was a very sunny-natured calm little girl previously..

I'm just wondering if anyone has suffered similar. There doesn't seem to be a fever or any other outward symptom I can name, just very very cranky and distressed. She did start nursery part-time 2 weeks ago as well to complicate matters. She took it fine initially, but she is behaving the same at nursery as at home now... I'm just wondering if anyone has seen similar behaviour after vaccinations? Or should I be putting this down to separation anxiety? It is tricky!

Buglife Mon 28-Dec-15 17:37:42

They can feel ill after the 1 year vaccinations, my Ds was unsettled and grumpy and then got a mild rash and didn't eat for a few days. Have a look on the NHS website as they list some after effects of the jabs.

Buglife Mon 28-Dec-15 17:43:50

As in its not likely its affected her 'personality' in any way other than she's probably feeling under the weather and so that results in her behaviour. Actually when DS turned one and started nursery we had some rocky times and he'd have days there where he was whingey and miserable and also his sleep went to pot! So all the things you mention could have an affect!

FATEdestiny Mon 28-Dec-15 18:04:55

I agree it is unlikely to have effected her 'personality' any more than you being poorly affects your own personality. I know I am cranky and grumpy when I am off-colour or dealing with feelings of anxiety, your daughter is probably the same.

Nursery is a really big change and the effects of big changes are not always immediate. As an example when children start school, it is usually the second week (not the first week) that involves most upset and tears. The first week is a novelty and well prepared for. The second week seems more 'real' and permanent.

At 12 months old your DDs emotions are probably not that complex, but the feelings involved will be similar.

Just ensure she is getting plenty of sleep - this is most important. Add to that plenty of fluids, fresh air and vitamins. Then just help and support her through this change.

BotBotticelli Tue 29-Dec-15 13:14:05

Yes this happened with ds1 after his 1 year vaccinations.

Stupidly we had them done exactly 7 days before Xmas day 2014. Christmas completely ruined as a result!! He was up for the day at 4am on Xmas day and Boxing Day, cried and whinged all day. Went back to his normal self within a few days.

GenevaMaybe Tue 29-Dec-15 13:25:26

Exactly the same happened to us and lasted about a week if I remember. Those 1-year jabs are just heinous

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