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Cold in baby

(5 Posts)
Topsy34 Sun 27-Dec-15 02:15:54

Ds1 (6 yrs) has had a bad cough and cold, which has knocked him for six, I had the cold but seem to have got rid of it quickly, dh still has it and now our 6 weeks old son has caught the cold and now devleloped the cough.

He is still feeding well (breast), although a little slower i think due to the snuffles, lots of wet nappies, pooing as normal (same colour). His temp has been up and down today but the highest 37.2, nhs web site says to speak to doctor if temp goes above 38.

We have a humidifier in our room now, have tried saline drops (makes him cough! Which then makes him cry!) and have sucker thing for his nose.

Anything else I can do? I've put to teeniest smidge of baby vaporub on tissue in his socks, we always vaporub ds1 feet when he has a cold. Should i be contacting nhs 111? I'm not sure what they will suggest different

FastWindow Sun 27-Dec-15 02:30:51

Is he asleep?

Topsy34 Sun 27-Dec-15 09:15:10

He isn't sleeping well, he will feed or rock to sleep, but then if we try to put him in his crib he wakes.

Co sleeping isnt really an option at the mo as ds1 creeps in with us.

minipie Sun 27-Dec-15 14:37:17

If he seems to be struggling to breathe at all (look to see if his chest sucks in below the ribs) then do call doctor.

Other suggestions - put him in steamy room as often as you can, ie while running bath and while you/dh shower. Raise the head of his crib with books or towels under one end.

Sleeping – when you put him in the crib, stay with him for several minutes with your hand on him, if he stirs or coughs try stroking him so he relaxes back into sleep.

Topsy34 Sun 27-Dec-15 20:07:10

His breathing is normal, just sounds like snot is in th way! I'm pretty sure its a common cold as the symptoms match - red eyes, cold, sore throat, cough.

I managed to get him to sleep today for 3 hours and he is perkier.

We have a humidifier in our bedroom now, which seems to help. Thanks! smile

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