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Toddler carrier

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Pigeonpost Wed 23-Dec-15 21:52:48

Our 7 year old Littlelife back carrier is no longer working for our 2.5yo. He's only a titch at about 1st 11lb but the carrier is now lacking the strap which secures it across the chest and DS3 really struggles to stay upright and comfortable in it. I need some sort of carrier to go for dog walks with until DS3 gets significantly more reliable at walking. I'd love something like a Tula but I don't really want to pay that much. Does anyone have any experience of the mei tai type ones on Amazon around the £30 mark?

Bounced Wed 23-Dec-15 22:00:37

Mei tais can be great but you need a supportive one for a toddler - Toddlerhawk or Melkaj are the ones I know are safe and well reviewed. Have you got a sling library locally? If so, try a few from there and see what works for you before investing as its so individual. What works for one person doesn't work for another.

I suspect you may find a soft carrier much comfier but that the getting in your back technique is different and may be a bit tricky at first. I could get mine on my back by myself in a soft carrier but not in the rucksack style ones, but DH was the other way around.

Tanito279 Wed 23-Dec-15 22:02:04

I'd strongly recommend you try a sling library, online if there isn't one near you. I must have tried 20 slings before I finally found one I liked (sleepy nico). Good luck!

MaryWortleyMontagu Wed 23-Dec-15 22:02:53

I use a toddler connecta with my 3 year old. Really comfy for both of us and takes seconds to put on.

ThomasRichard Wed 23-Dec-15 22:07:53

I have a toddler Connecta, which is cheaper than a Tula but does very well for my now-3yo who's decided that she won't walk anywhere hmm

Here's the manufacturer's webpage.

Alternatively, if you're on Facebook then the "Slings and Things - FSOT and advice" group has lots of sale posts if you don't mind secondhand.

Topsy34 Thu 24-Dec-15 07:15:14

I loved my babies in space for ds1, but not cheap unfortunately

Please be aware the are lots of fake ergos out there

Fooshufflewickbannanapants Thu 24-Dec-15 09:58:19

Madame goo goo. .. seriously just look at her beautiful stuff!

Fooshufflewickbannanapants Thu 24-Dec-15 10:00:00

Don't buy a cheap one off amazon fake carriers aren't safe. You could just borrow from a sling library.

ODog Thu 24-Dec-15 11:46:00

I use a toddler connecta for my large 18mo. He sounds about the same size if my bigger then your LO. I find it easy to get him into a front and back carry. In fact in 21wks pg and have been carrying him around the French Alps in it for the last few days.

SantaOnnaMincePieSugarHigh Thu 24-Dec-15 11:51:47

I use a toddler tula and find it really comfortable. It was expensive but worth it. Definitely go to a sling library.

poocatcherchampion Thu 24-Dec-15 11:52:30

Yes get a good second hand one and sell it on when done - is like hiring it. The fb group above is great.

Pigeonpost Thu 24-Dec-15 20:41:25

Thanks, I've joined that FB group. They seem to hold their value second hand don't they?

Madratlady Thu 24-Dec-15 20:52:01

You mean the palm and pond cheap ones? They'd be too small. Connecta, tula, toddler hawk or other toddler size mei tai would be a good option. Personally I love mei tais.

MaureenL Fri 25-Dec-15 11:57:05

Great info, thanks.

Pigeonpost Fri 25-Dec-15 18:17:11

Yeah, they are called Palm and Pond Mei Tais. Say they go up to 35lb.

knittingbee Fri 25-Dec-15 22:36:18

Have an Ergo here for dog walks, school run... Until v recently I didn't drive so have used it most daily.

DontBuyANewElfCashmere Fri 25-Dec-15 22:40:33

Fyi I got a palm and pond ring sling and it was vastly inferior to other ring slings I've subsequently seen.
Buy cheap; buy twice ime!
Connecta baby has been awesome, very comfy with a hefty little girl. Will get a toddler one when needed I think.

icclemunchy Fri 25-Dec-15 22:47:51

I have a palm and pond mei tai I got just to have on the car for quick trips when it's wet (I use a woven wrap usually) and tbh and around 18lb my LO is already much to heavy to be comfy.

You can hire online from it's a sling thing if you can't get to a local sling library, maybe a onbu would suit or connecta seem very popular at our meet although the unpadded waist didn't suit me

slugseatlettuce Fri 25-Dec-15 22:54:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pigeonpost Sat 26-Dec-15 11:35:30

I think I'm going to go for a toddler Connecta. Friend has one so will try first. x

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