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who wants to join me with a glass of wine? sick kids

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hartmel Tue 22-Dec-15 19:32:40

My kids have been sick for almost a week.
Last night was the first time they slept through without waking up.. But since they woke up, all they do is cry, yell or bump into things (like a table, laundry basket, over their toys etc)

So if DS (age 2.3) isn't crying then DD (age 1.2) is crying. Or vice versa.. Or both of them are crying..
Everything annoys them.

My in laws (who live over seas) just arrived on the weekend and are staying at BIL place. And they are coming this evening.(I live in Canada) and I told them (that was yesterday) that I will cook a meal. Well guess what I haven't even started the meal because all I do is trying to settle the kids. So DH calls from work during his break and I just started crying and all he said "darling everything will be ok. We will just order Chinese and you take care of the kids. Don't worry what my parents think. Think about the kids" blush..
(We used to live with the in laws for 7 month before they moved overseas. And she was cleaning all day. She could not sit still. Now I just want everything to be perfect (as she has this judging face) but as soon as start cleaning my kids make a mess or bump into something..

I so need winewine(maybe the entire bottle.

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