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When should I be worried about constipation?

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TomHaverford Tue 15-Dec-15 14:29:35

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any advice. Started weaning 6mo dd last week and she has been quite constipated since although has done a few bowel movements.
At home moment however she hasn't had one since Friday and I'm wondering when I should be concerned/gp?
When she was ebf she could go that long and the gp said it was fine, however I'm not sure how long to leave it with solids involved.

I'm offering extra water although she's not very good at taking it from sippy cup and she is still having the same amount of feeds per day.

CarrotPuff Tue 15-Dec-15 19:49:05

What and how much have you been giving her?

minipie Wed 16-Dec-15 14:31:11

I would reduce the amount of food for a few days. Avoid constipating foods like banana, bread, baby rice. Give her some pureed prunes (not too much) - Ellas do a handy pouch of pureed prunes - pureed pear is also good. Add more liquid to her food.

A lot of babies get a bit constipated at the start of solids but you don't want to let her get too "backed up" or it could make her uncomfortable.

Tummy massage clockwise and warm baths will also help her shift things along.

TomHaverford Thu 17-Dec-15 13:52:37

Hi Thanks for your replies. I mashed up a prune in some yoghurt and she finally went yesterday. Can safely say it was the biggest and grossest poo of her life. Had to put her in the bath!

minipie Thu 17-Dec-15 20:51:32

oh good!

bet you'd never have thought you'd be happy to see a pooey nappy eh grin

Healthyme15 Mon 28-Dec-15 15:16:35

Nice to hear that she had relieved from constipation. For adult constipation it might not work, so I bet you should also try what I have been using when I got constipated. It is the Digestic from Mimonis which gives me appreciation for bowel movement. Hopefully this can help you also in the future.

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