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Family debate. To move home or not to move.....

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Luvinmummy4eva9 Mon 14-Dec-15 01:57:26

Me & my fiance have a 19 month old baby Daughter & a 3 week & 6 day old baby Daughter. I've lived in my current home, a ground floor flat for just over 1 year now with my toddler. Me & my fiance had a break & got back together & he moved in straight away & I fell pregnant straight away. If we thought we would have more children I definitely wouldn't have moved here as it's too small for 2 children, even my housing officer agreed I need somwhere big enough for 2 very young babies as she came out & measured the bedrooms & living-room & said once my new baby Daughter was born she was going to help me get put in a higher bidding band than I'm in now. While I'm waiting for that to get sorted, I want to look for an exchange & I don't care if it's another flat as long it's on the ground floor like I have now but larger but only problem is, my hubby wants us to hold out for the higher band we get & start bidding on properties ad he knows we have a high chance of getting a house then & he says I will regret it if I exchange now. For other personal reasons, I want to look for exchanges at this moment now too. What does everyone else think? ☺

skankingpiglet Mon 14-Dec-15 13:21:33

A house (with a garden presumably) would be fantastic with two little ones, but if you really need to move sooner and don't feel you can wait, then you need to do that. I don't know much about the banding/bidding process, but is there nothing you/your housing officer can do to speed up getting your band upgraded? If you exchange now, does that prevent you from changing again once your band has been increased?

DangerMouth Mon 14-Dec-15 13:24:10

I would wait for the house but it depends on what your reason is for wanting to go right now. If it's just you being impatient for example smile

3rdrockfromthesun Mon 14-Dec-15 13:49:44

Why don't you create a pro and con list and then you can both sit down and discuss the list. This is what I would do if my bf ever wanted to move back to london

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