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My almost 4 year old hit his teacher

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Belle89 Thu 10-Dec-15 16:41:23

My almost 4 year old has hit his teacher and threw something in temper hurting another child today. Just had to sign incident forms :-( don't know what to do about it. Have told him it's wrong ect but it doesn't sink it

YeOldeTrout Thu 10-Dec-15 17:00:44

almost 4, so he;'s in nursery? Does he lash out at other adults? Why was he so upset?

Belle89 Thu 10-Dec-15 17:53:15

Pre school. They were playing outside and it was time to come in so the other group could go out as they rotate. He didn't want to go in so hit the teacher who was getting the children inside (usually his favourite teacher) and throwing the toy at the child he just didn't want to share :/(

Mrsfrumble Sat 12-Dec-15 01:45:09

Oh dear. When DS was 4.5 he lobbed a chair across the classroom and broke a toy lawnmower in a rage. It was one of those tiny toddler chairs and the classroom was empty, but I was beyond mortified. He has a fearsome temper, but has never done anything like that at home. Fortunately the school were great. He had to go and sit in the director's office until he calmed down and she gave him a calm but firm talking to, then mentioned it to me when I collected him without making a big drama. Still awful though.

What's your DS like at home? Does he often lash out? How were the school apart from the incident form thing? (I'm not in the UK, but I'm guessing this is standard practice?)

Maybe it would help to focus on how he must have hurt the teacher and the other child, physically and their feelings. Perhaps he could (with your help) make them cards to say how sorry he is?

Tram10 Sat 12-Dec-15 06:03:27

How the the school handle it ? He was obviously having a bad day and still learning how to control his impulses.

On my nephew's first day of school, another little boy sat in his seat by mistake, when my nephew realised, instead of telling the little boy he was in the wrong seat, he put his hands around the throat of the other child and tried to throttle him, he had to be prised off the other child. None of us could believe it as he is a really timid little boy, scared of his own shadow normally. He has never done anything like that since and the school handled it very well at the time, my brother and SIL were mortified.

ProjectPerfect Sat 12-Dec-15 06:10:43

I feel for you and just wanted to offer some reassurance. 6 years ago I was called in to school when my DS aged 4 hit his teacher in the face. I was mortified and terrified it was a sign of things to come, as although he'd never hit before he could be "challenging".

6 years later same DS is described as a pleasure to teach. He is on the G&T register for two subjects, captains one school sport team and partipates in three others. He's doing really well and was just a blip.

knittingbee Sun 13-Dec-15 15:13:51

My 4yo hit a teacher in his first term of proper school. The teacher obviously spoke to me about it but it didn't seem to be the biggest deal - he's almost a year younger than a lot of the other kids and still very much in transition. We talked about behaviour and left it at that. Once the moment has passed, he's too confused to go over it again. It was just momentary frustration that he was too little to cope with.

They really are very small to be expected to have perfect behaviour.

Belle89 Mon 14-Dec-15 19:28:31

Thank you it's reassuring to know I'm not the only one. They took him out of that class and gave him a talking to ect. Touch wood he's calmed again since

Jesabel Mon 14-Dec-15 19:32:08

Obviously it's not great behaviour, but remember he is only 3 and 3 year olds are still learning to control themselves. I'm sure the teacher has had worse.

Bethieboo25 Mon 14-Dec-15 21:39:24

Definitely don't worry too much, he is still just finding his way in life,
Things like that come with the territory of teaching pre 5's !!!

If he were 8 or so then it's an issue but as long as he has been put straight ( sounds like he has) then he will have learned that it's not acceptable..

With regards to sharing, that also is a skill he is still learning.

Belle89 Tue 15-Dec-15 18:35:33

Thank you. Yes he has been told so hope it's a one off always a worry isn't it that they'll be one of those children lol

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