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Am I the only one that's worried my toddler isn't just being a 'spirited' two year old but is actually just going to be a demanding child?

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weeblueberry Tue 08-Dec-15 11:24:13

Having a conversation with DP the other night about how 2yo DD is extremely difficult to be around just now. He's convinced it's just a phase, that she's testing boundaries and tantruming is normal for this age. I totally agree with all this but can't be the only one worried she's going to continue to be a really difficult child that continues to scream when she doesn't get her own I?

To clarify we don't indulge the tantrums and hissy fits. I either walk away or talk her down from them. But I can't help but worry she'll still be doing this when she's 8 or 9...

What makes a child become 'bratty' as an older child? Is it indulging the tantrums? Or giving in to them? How do we know what we're doing is going to stop her being a handful child and is the right way to handle the tantrums to stop them at a reasonable age?

abbsismyhero Tue 08-Dec-15 11:28:25

not a clue my eldest two raised the same dd is ok at age 15 ds at age 6 is a bratty nightmare when he wants to be ive a two year old now and im wracking my brains to fine out what i did right with one that i skipped with the other

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