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Billy no mate lol

(7 Posts)
na5ima Tue 08-Dec-15 00:18:24

Hello All,
I really struggled with the whole motherhood when DS was born.

I had an episiotomy and I'm positive they grazed my bottom as I just couldn't sit down.. Felt so upset and wasn't enjoying being a mother. DS was in care for a week due to sodium levels being low so walking to the special care unit was like a mission everyday.

I struggled breastfeeding as DS wasn't latching and when he did I got cracked nipples, DS was constantly hungry (less than an hour) then I suffered suffered from mastitis and was on antibiotics, sleepless nights etc you can imagine it wasn't going smoothly at all for me..

I was too scared to get out of the house due to his feeds and i feel kinda felt sad and depressed and constantly crying crying crying,

Anyhow I got over all that and realised I missed out on making mummy friends.. I don't have a car so can't travel to many baby kiddie groups.

I moved to Birmingham 3 years ago and still haven't made friends.. ( I have work colleagues but wouldn't class them as friends) Sometimes when I think I had a great opportunity to make friends but I couldn't due to fears etc

Just wanted to know if anyone else felt like this or is it just me confused

FestiveFeline Tue 08-Dec-15 00:34:57

Sorry you feel that way. Moving and not having friends nearby is horrible. I know because I am in the same situation.

I just wanted to say you aren't alone and hopefully someone else will comment soon with suggestions.

ANiceSliceOfCake Tue 08-Dec-15 05:24:51

Sounds like you had a rough time there!
Maybe mention it to your health visitor, I bet there's another new mum out there who is also in the same boat as you, maybe she can introduce you or put you in contact?

Do you go to get your baby weighed? There may be new mums there who also feel like you who would love to grab a coffee after?

I know it's hard making friends as an adult , but with a baby you have common ground to chat about.

Good luck flowers there you go, your my first ever flowers!

na5ima Tue 08-Dec-15 12:54:08

Thanks for the lovely flowers smile

It's defo hard making friends when your older..

Hope you make friends soon festivalfelina

GoldAlmond Tue 08-Dec-15 14:51:50

I felt like this too, I moved to current city just before DS was born so had to start afresh making friends.

I did NCT which provided a ready-made group of friends, but I also went to lots of local mum groups including BF support group, baby massage at local children's centre, baby sensory, sing-along at library and anything within a 30min bus journey. I sometimes take taxis too and people often offer me lifts as I don't drive.

Just be open and friendly, there are lots of new mums keen to make new friends. I went from having no local friends to having lots in the space of a few weeks. We use FB to plan things eg coffee at someone's house, trip to Xmas Markets, walk in the park etc. I spent a lot on classes in the beginning but it was worth it to meet other mums!

CheeseCakeOfDreams Tue 08-Dec-15 17:24:12

There's a lot of baby stuff going on in Brum. I go to groups most days, but do drive to most classes. Whereabouts are you and I'll let you know if I know of anything close by.

na5ima Tue 08-Dec-15 21:47:28

Aaww sounds good goldalmond

I hope I do eventually make friends..

I like in Sutton Coldfield

Thanks guys for the advice really appreciate it smile

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