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Bronchiolitis in a 9 month old - 2when do they start eating again?!

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farmerswifeetc Sat 05-Dec-15 22:12:08

Any opinions/info welcome as I'm getting very worried about my 9 month old ds2. He has been off his food and milk for getting on for 2 weeks due to a nasty bout of what I've been told by a paediatrician is viral bronchiolitis. He had vb for the first time 6 weeks ago but got over it really quickly, this time has been much worse. He is the 98th centile for weight/75th for height, and was such a good eater and drinker a few weeks ago but now I have a super fussy and finicky eater and I'm really worried he's not getting enough energy or nutrients. Without boring you with the detail he's eating approx 1/3 the solids and 2/3 the formula that he was. He's been ff pretty much from birth and was only taking 14oz max/day but with cows milk in porridge and from a cup and yogurts before getting ill but is now refusing yoghurt and porridge and getting him to take the formula is a struggle. Can anyone tell me if this will sort itself out/what to expect if you've experienced something similar? Thanks for reading 😀

farmerswifeetc Sat 05-Dec-15 22:17:45

Forgot to say that he had 4 days of amoxicillin over last weekend which he HATED and I had to stop as it gave him diarrhoea, now resolved, but the antibiotics haven't helped his appetite either 😁

MrsBojingles Sat 05-Dec-15 22:52:55

At the that age I'd take him to the dr to get checked over if you're really worried, however my daughter would go through weeks where she would just eat a lot less even though she was perfectly healthy.

Dirty & wet nappies ok? Happy in himself otherwise?

I'd personally give him some live yogurts with bio cultures after the antibiotics as it will help replace the good bacteria in his gut that antibiotics kill off.

Havalina1 Sat 05-Dec-15 23:32:52

Bronchiolitis I'm told lasts 7 days and peaks at day 5.. The snotty nose and cough can carry on for another week or two after though. My 10 week old is in hospital now with it and that's what I'm told. He's been knocked sideways by it. It sounds like it's persistent with your child, there's no treatment as such just keeping fluids and food topped up. How are the nappies?

farmerswifeetc Sun 06-Dec-15 08:02:52

Thanks both, judging by his wet nappies he's getting just enough fluids. I'm sorry to here about your LO Havalina, hope they improve soon. Have been to Dr 3x and hospital 2x but they don't seem at all bothered by lack of appetite. Thanks bojingles that's reassuring to hear about your dd, think I've been lucky that both of mine have been reliably good eaters so this has been a new thing for me. Will see how we go, he's just eaten nearly a whole weetabix, the most he's eaten for brekky for ages so maybe we r getting there. Thanks guys x

Havalina1 Mon 07-Dec-15 16:01:32

Hope he's over the worst of it!

We are out of hospital now and baby is just very tired but fine!

BotBotticelli Mon 07-Dec-15 16:28:03

OP to reassure you: my ds1 stopped drinking ALL formula at 10mo. Not illness related. Just much preferred food...! I gave him a dairy rich diet and he was fine. I know this is not massively relevant to your situation but just wanted to reassure you - 10mo babies do not NEED formula to survive! Obviously it's ideal if they drink it cos it's rammed full of calories and vitamins and calcium. But they can eat a normal diet of other food and be fine. Hope that helps you feel a bit less stressed if you LO is temporarily refusing bottle feeds.

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