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Question about baby on Antibiotics?

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IMBWater Sat 05-Dec-15 13:55:23

My DD (5months) is on a course of antibiotics as a precaution to try and clear a cough she's had for a few months before the doctor sends her for more tests with the paediatrician.

She's been on them for a few days now, and has another 3 days left. She's very sleepy all the time; has gone from 3 naps a day to only waking for nappy changes and a bottle, and has quite bad diarrhoea. Otherwise she's ok in herself although she still has the cough.

I do have a few questions that the doctor/chemist didn't really answer for me:

As she's not actually ill am I ok to carry on as normal? I.e. Take her out in a sling/pushchair and let her sleep in there? I need to go to the post office to get a christmas present and card sent to Australia and could do with posting those today (DP is at work til after closing), and I need to pop to my mums and drag my teenage brother out of bed before he's late for work- my mums away. I've been in for the last few days with her. Obviously she'd have a coat and/or blanket, hat, and gloves as the weather here is cold.

Do I need to increase the amount she's feeding? She's formula fed and takes 8oz every 3-4 hours normally but has dropped to 5oz since being on the medicine. She has a bottle of water in the morning, and in the evening and takes 1-2oz per bottle, and is still doing so. Do I need to increase her water in take while she's on her antibiotics?

Is there anything else I need to be doing to help her feel better?

Thanks in advance for reading and replying.

strawberryandaflake Sat 05-Dec-15 14:10:14

She would y be on antibiotics if she wasn't actually ill.

IMBWater Sat 05-Dec-15 19:26:45

Doctor said when I took her that DDs chest was clear and her throat was clear of infection so bar the cough she's not actually ill

MrsBojingles Sat 05-Dec-15 22:57:52

Treat her as normal unless anyone or the drug leaflet told you otherwise! Fresh air etc is always good for babies IMO ;)

spillyobeans Sat 05-Dec-15 23:00:45

My 6 month old on antibiotics too as croupy cough not cleared even though chest is clear. My ds isnt sleeping v well (but hes a v bad sleeper anyway) bit of a dodgy tum too. But ive been treating him as normal, going out and about etc

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