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Nappy rash: symptoms and changing advice please!

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Nervouswithnewborn Sat 05-Dec-15 10:44:07

Asking about everything at moment!!! Ds has small amount nappy rash which we were treating and cleared up but came back this week, both times couple
Red spots second time more but not loads. Two questions are: first time didn't seem to bother him at all only noticed changing him and never cried about it afaik just cried when hungry etc but think now seems more disturbed and uncomfortable in sleep and in sling and pram would this be consistent with nappy rash pain? Trying to work out what's going on. Also, think came back as following baby whisperer about night changes and not realised few times he had done a poo not just wee - weird but his poo doesn't really smell so don't realise!!! Is it best to change after every feed so you think? Thank you!!!!

KatyN Sat 05-Dec-15 18:07:47

I used to change before every feed (or mid feed) during the night in an effort to wake my son up enough to take a decent feed.
He also spent at least an hour each day without a nappy on (lying on a bath towel!). K

ffffffedup Sat 05-Dec-15 18:34:53

Definitely change before a night feed not after. Also time in the day nappy free helps getting fresh air to the nether region

bebo100 Sat 05-Dec-15 21:10:33

A lot of people seem to think teething causes nappy rash. I think my first definitely seemed to get a bout when teeth were appearing, so that could be why he's a bit unsettled.
Best stuff I've found for clearing up the rash itself is Metanium (the one in the yellow tube).

tattyteddy Sat 05-Dec-15 21:32:25

Hi op, my baby recently had awful nappy rash. I used the metenium and it cleared up well. I also did the nappy off as much as possible to dry the area out - ended up using loads of old towels!

Chocolatecakefan Sat 05-Dec-15 21:33:25

Definitely rate metanium. My baby had horrendous nappy rash last week and it completely cleared it up, sudocrem had done nothing! Try to get as much nappy free time as possible, we were using some left over maternity towels that I had bought from boots so if she pooped/weed it could go straight in the bin, but the pharmacist in sainsburys suggested that puppy pads would work just as well!

So when I change her in the morning, I tend to pop a puppy pad in her cot and lie her on it whilst I get dressed/ brush teeth etc

Jw35 Sat 05-Dec-15 21:40:58

Nightly baths and pampers baby dry. My lo hasn't had nappy rash so it must work! Use a good nappy cream and change in the night for a while until it clears up x

skankingpiglet Sun 06-Dec-15 16:24:18

The only times we've had nappy rash is when DD is badly teething, or sits in poo for too long. The later is caused by a reaction of wee and poo together I believe, creating some kind of bum-burning substance.
Another one here who rates yellow Metanium. It's cleared up even the most painful/angry-looking of rashes and sores. Thankfully it's not happened very often, but the stuff is magical.
If you use an everyday barrier cream (we've never bothered as she's in cloth and it ruins the absorbency), make sure your DS's bum is thoroughly dry before you apply it, otherwise it'll lock moisture in rather than out IYKWIM.
It is best to change before a feed during the night so you don't wake them back up again once they've fallen into a milk coma as PPs have said, but that is dependent on not having a 'milk/food in, poo out' baby! If you have one of those you will need to perfect your ninja-like nappy changing skills wink I used to be able to change DD's nappy by nightlight whilst she slept.

RubberDicky Sun 06-Dec-15 17:23:16

More love for yellow metanium here, and bepanthem for every day barrier cream. Also agree with what the others have said about no nappy time, we just put a towel on the floor and let him get on with it. He really likes it and I think it helps him learn some of the gross motor skills too - he loves kicking and rolling about naked.

We found the new baby nappies better than babydry for the first few months. When he outgrew them we've just moved onto supermarket own brand ones and it's been fine.

My son rarely rarely poos at night! Think I've done about three night changes ever so I will defer to more experienced posters in that regard.

BettyBi0 Thu 17-Dec-15 10:56:46

We kept having repeat nappy rash with DD and the only thing that fixed it was avoiding all the super dry type nappies like pampers baby dry or any with that green/blue lining. Apparently the chemicals in them are a pretty common irritant and cause of rashes once they are warm and wet.
We also had much healthier skin using Kinder by Nature wipes. They are really gentle and effective.

Metanium (yellow one) when rash is bad is very effective. Also good to rule out things like thrush

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