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messy play/art classes

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dairyfreequeen Thu 03-Dec-15 20:15:26

I am thinking about starting a messy play or art groups for about 6months to 5 yo children (obviously not all in the same group!). My background is in arts, working with lots of different groups but mostly adults and older children, but since having my own baby I've realised there isnt much of that kind of thing around in my area. What is your experience of these kind of classes/groups either attending or running them? What worked? What didn't? TIA!

Arty001 Tue 15-Dec-15 21:02:47

Thinking of starting art classes for 6-11 yrs in dorset. I am a qualified teacher in art. The class would last 1.5hrs. The classes would be small to allow a more personalised experience. I was thinking of charging £10.00 per session? Is there much call for this and is this an acceptable amount?
Trying to get some market research any comments would be appreciated. Many Thanks

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