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Returning to Work Blues

(6 Posts)
OMC1 Thu 03-Dec-15 12:41:04

I'm feeling pretty distraught.

Due to finances I'm going to have to go back to work, full time, in January when my DD will only be 4 months old. I can't stop crying, but there's nothing I can do about it. Anyone else been in a similar situation? Would really appreciate some advice!

youlemming Thu 03-Dec-15 21:54:59

I'm also going back in mid January when DD2 will be 5.5 months, was quite ready when I returned after DD1 as didn't know many people in the area and found the long days at home difficult.
But now I have friends close by and some with babies and the day is broken up with the school run I've really enjoyed being at home.

DD2 still seems so small (physically compared to DD1 she is so not sure if that has a part to play) and I'm probably in a bit of denial thinking it's further off but I know it will come round quickly.
Not sure I really have any advice as this feeling is quite new for me even though it's second time round, but you are not alone.

Do you spend any time away from DD, maybe build up ahead of going back by spending a few hrs or the day out if possible.

Scattymum101 Thu 03-Dec-15 23:12:53

I go back in January when dd is 11 months and it's still too soon :-(

pregnantgrump Wed 09-Dec-15 16:50:08

I'm returning in the new year too and feeling very sad to leave my precious little one who is now 5 months. I feel very guilty to be leaving him but my partner doesn't earn enough to support us alone. The only thing that has helped me is to plan logistics. When I am focused on the nuts and bolts of how to get to the nursery quickly, how much I'll need to express etc then I feel more positive. However I'd be really keen to know what other people are doing to cope.

waitingforsomething Wed 09-Dec-15 17:01:51

In a lot of cases it always feels too soon. I had to return when dd was 7mo and will have to do the same for ds in Feb- it's tough. Just remember you are going because you need to feed and house your dd and she wi be fine in her setting.

meditrina Wed 09-Dec-15 17:16:15

Yes, Maternity leave was only 18 weeks when I had my eldest and those who had to return to work generally did it at around the age of DC that you're contemplating.

Have you got childcare lined up? Being happy with who is looking after your DC makes an enormous difference.

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