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8 month old terrible sleep

(2 Posts)
blondieblonde Tue 01-Dec-15 20:44:36

When my baby (no. 2) was little she slept like a dream! But now she is 8 months old she is terrible. Our day goes something like this

5.30/6am up for the day, breakfast
8-9am nap
11.30am lunch
12.30-1.30pm nap
4-4.30pm nap
6.30/7pm bed

She then wakes pretty much every hour or hour and a half through the night. She is comforted by a bit of bf (she is ebf) or a cuddle. At the moment I am sleeping in bed with the baby every night and husband on the floor. Plus, she goes crazy in the afternoons, after never really sleeping for long enough at lunch time. She wakes up cranky and never really recovers. She is teething but I don't think that's the root of the problem. Any ideas appreciated.

KatyN Tue 01-Dec-15 21:42:59

Does she always feed to sleep?? You suggest she does in the night. She might need to learn to go to sleep without a boob?? One way is to wake her ever so slightly when you out her down after a feed. At 8 months she can't be hungry every 1.5 hrs in the night, surely.
Good luck! Kxx

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