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Present / scooter recommendations - 21 months old at Christmas

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boopdoop Tue 01-Dec-15 10:51:21

Hi. My DS will be 21 months at Christmas, then his 2nd birthday in March, so trying to give present suggestions to the family for both. Looking for a mixture of things he'll like now and things which he'll grow into over the year, as its then quite a while before the next set of presents next near.

One idea I had was a scooter, but no idea what type would be best for him. And really struggling for other ideas for everyone..

Any suggestions? TIA. x

luckiestgirlintheworld Tue 01-Dec-15 12:02:07

My DS is a similar age- at the moment all he can do with his scooter is push it about the playground by its handles. He'd do this all day, but can't ride it yet. And the only scooter I've found good for that is the Mini Micro. I got one second hand for £15 because I think they're £60 new

jeavcike Tue 01-Dec-15 14:19:19

Ds had something like this when he was around two. It took ages for him to learn how to use it properly but he loved it. Dd also used it and she's only just turned 3. Because they have 2 wheels at the front I think they're more stable and less likely to topple over than those for older children.

Salene Sat 05-Dec-15 08:20:42

What about a wheely bug

KatyN Sat 05-Dec-15 08:49:49

Mine got a micro scooter for his second birthday. Would scoot inside for a couple of pushes. Was scooting outside properly within a couple if months.

We got a second hand one from eBay.

The other suggestion for a 2nd present is a toy kitchen. The ikea one is lovely and he had spent HOIRS playing with it. I have eaten a lot of plastic food!!'


silverstreak Sat 05-Dec-15 20:23:28

I was in exactly your situation last Christmas (ie DD was exactly the age as your DS now) and I bought her the Ozbozz scooter a pp linked to (liked that it went from 4 wheels to 3, to 2 as they progress), plus a v.Small balance bike (the Tiny balance bike) and whilst she couldn't use either of them properly straight away she got into scooting by her birthday and properly into her bike by the summer so they were definitely great presents as far as year-long usefulness went. I think even with hindsight I would do the same, but also agree that a toy kitchen is a brilliant gift for this age group so perhaps for birthday?? (DD is getting a kitchen this year!)

fruitpastille Sat 05-Dec-15 20:28:49

We already have an old mini micro but my nearly 2 year old can't manage it just yet. We are getting a little tikes cosy coupe car as she is completely obsessed with them whenever we are at toddler groups etc and the resale price is pretty good.

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