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1 year old present ideas please!

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Rose138 Mon 30-Nov-15 14:33:55


My sons 1st birthday was on Thursday. He had his party yesterday. My husband and I have big families. So we decided to put money in his own bank account from us and he had balloons (which he was the most interested in) pound a peg, a sound book and squeak eggs to open on his birthday morning from us.

However from everyone else he has managed to get a ball pit, sit to stand music centre, car garage, farm, blue and yellow sound chair, lots of clothes etc! (You can imagine the chaos in our house at the moment he he!)

We are fast approaching Christmas and really don't know what to get him. We will probably go the money in his back account route again but would like to get him a few things to open. Any suggestions? People are already asking us what to get him, should we suggest older toys to then put away for a few months until age appropriate?

I hope I don't sound moany about this, he's extremely lucky and we are so grateful to our lovely friends and family. I do find it difficult not to feel guilty though actually, I'm a primary school teacher and know how little some children have.

Thank you all in advance.

ODog Mon 30-Nov-15 14:43:29

I would suggest garden toys since he won't have a birthday in the summer. Balls, push along lawn mower, sand/water table etc. To be honest my 18mo plays with all these bits in the garden even now.

ayria Mon 30-Nov-15 16:13:39

I got some older toys for my son when he was that age, they grow quick and even if they aren't age appropriate, they will still be interested in them. Shape sorters I think are good, toys that help with their co-ordination. I kept doing things like that with my son and he eventually ended up being able to do it before the age range.

Chunky building bricks, the duplo ones. My son also got a night light that projected on to the ceiling and played music, it lasted ages and it was the best thing to settle him down for bed. No lie, it immediately entertained him before he fell asleep! He still has it.

Twitterqueen Mon 30-Nov-15 16:15:45

This question comes up every year and every year I give the same answer. fwink

2 cardboard boxes and 2 wooden spoons. He's 1. He doesn't care.

Littlef00t Mon 30-Nov-15 19:05:21

My dd suddenly couldn't get enough of books when she turned 1, so I'd be asking for large story books for bedtime. We bought a wooden walker with bricks when Dd had her first birthday aged 10 months, and she uses it for all sorts even though she can walk.

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