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Delaying bed time for eldest child

(2 Posts)
tostaky Sun 29-Nov-15 22:20:48

Our 7 years old goes to bed at 8pm but doesn't sleep before 9-9.30pm every night...
We have two younger DCs and middle one is a big sleeper, the younger ones also share a bedroom.

DC1 has his own bedroom - we are thinking that an extra half an hour would be good for him, to feel a bit more "grown up".

My problem is how do we do it? If you do stagger bedtime and give the older one a later bedtime, what does he/she does ? Apart from watching TV?
By 8pm we are starving and usually eat and enjoy adult discussions. I am unsure how to fit our 7 years old.... Any ideas? Tips? Thanks

Hydradela Mon 30-Nov-15 10:39:40

Same problem here. dd1 is now 8 but since she was seven she is in bed (or at least in her room) at 8 but lights out it not until 8.45. She will just chat or sing to herself, play, or read in bed. Absolutely no TV or ipad allowed. It works okay most nights unless she has urgent things to tell us hmm or is just nosy what we are talking about just as we want to eat (also at 8 like you) or she sings so loudly that she keeps dd2 awake.

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