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Dad doesn't see point of taking 6 month old to see father christmas

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Suzy4321 Thu 26-Nov-15 10:59:54

Hi, my husband is great with our daughter (6months old today). But I booked too see Santa and he thinks it's a waste of time and money. He doesn't really see the point. I know she won't know but I want a first photo etc , but he is so negative. Even down to presents he says she has lots of toys why buy more for Christmas. She don't know. Please understand he is great with her and always buying bits and playing with her. Feeling down with trying to convince him! I want him to come along but i don't want him moaning. Anyone been in similar situations?

Floggingmolly Thu 26-Nov-15 11:00:57

I don't see the point either, tbh.

Yankeetarts19 Thu 26-Nov-15 11:01:46

I'd wait till they are older

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Thu 26-Nov-15 11:03:15

1. I agree with your DH.
2. She will cry her eyes out, possibly scream and that 1st photo you want will be shit.

Helmetbymidnight Thu 26-Nov-15 11:03:17

Aww, you're both right.

Can you take her by yourself?

GastonsChestHair Thu 26-Nov-15 11:03:54

He's right in my opinion. It's just a photo opportunity. And as for the presents, what does she need? I'm sure she has lots of toys that still interest her.

IoraRua Thu 26-Nov-15 11:04:29

I think he's right.

Fourormore Thu 26-Nov-15 11:04:52

He's probably right and she probably will cry. It'll be just as cute next year when she's 18 months and has a bit of idea what it's all about.

SeekEveryEveryKnownHidingPlace Thu 26-Nov-15 11:05:51

I'm with him on this one!

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Thu 26-Nov-15 11:06:21

Bit like this!

Suzy4321 Thu 26-Nov-15 11:06:50

Just me then. I know i can take her myself but I would of liked him to come.

GastonsChestHair Thu 26-Nov-15 11:06:54

Milk grin

Hydradela Thu 26-Nov-15 11:07:22

Sorry, I also think it's a waste of time and money. Google scared children seeing father christmas and you'll see that it's not a great photo opportunity if she's terrified.

AnnPerkins Thu 26-Nov-15 11:07:34

He's right.

At six months old, however, she's unlikely to complain at being dressed in a cute Christmassy costume for photos smile.

He's not wrong about the presents either, really. DS was six months old at his first Christmas and we didn't get him much at all. His main (and favourite) present was stacking cups.

Hydradela Thu 26-Nov-15 11:08:05

Milk x-post grin

Maryz Thu 26-Nov-15 11:08:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LikeASoulWithoutAMind Thu 26-Nov-15 11:08:37

grin MilkTwoSugars

Sorry OP but I'm with your Dh on this one.

Fuckitfay Thu 26-Nov-15 11:08:34

With your DH all the way!

Zombiemama Thu 26-Nov-15 11:08:40

Every parent needs that 1st photo with Santa where baby is roaring his/her head off it makes for fab cringe moments when the baby is older.
Dd was 4 weeks on her 1st Christmas and we didn't manage to get her to Santa and I regretted it but she's off this morning to see him b4 she turns 1 next week.

OddBoots Thu 26-Nov-15 11:09:47

If you have booked it now then you may as well try to go but be prepared for it to be more terrifying than fun for her at this age.

NickNackNooToYou Thu 26-Nov-15 11:09:43

Totally agree with your DP, sorry OP santa

MynameisMummy Thu 26-Nov-15 11:10:39

Maryz is right, I think. It's for you and it's about your excitement at her first Christmas. But why not just on that score? Can't you ask him to come and enjoy it with you - for you?

PennyHasNoSurname Thu 26-Nov-15 11:12:33

Im in your dhs corner. At a push id try a baby that age in a shop, freebie, no booking. But its a bit daft to book and pay for a six month old to visit santa.

Jackie0 Thu 26-Nov-15 11:13:14

He is right op,it's a waste of money.
I know you want a nice 'first Christmas photo' , so maybe it's worth the expense to you .

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Thu 26-Nov-15 11:14:40

What you also need to consider OP, seriously, is that while it's a simple fact that your DD won't understand there is a very real probability that she will be scared.

Do you really want to do that to your DD?

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