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Sudden anxiety with 7 week old

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Anroga76 Wed 25-Nov-15 08:39:31

My lo is 7 weeks today and since the weekend I have had terrible anxiety which I can't shake off. Just feel overwhelmed and out of my depth. My lo is doing well and is healthy and a happy boy.

Saw my hv yesterday and she made me do a pnd test which came back negative and she said its just hormones etc

Anyone else feeling like this and any tips to shake off this awful anxiety?

Goi g to my fist mother and baby group shortly hoping that will help!

AlmaMartyr Wed 25-Nov-15 23:03:53

Hi, sorry this went unanswered. I really struggled with anxiety postnatally as well. I went to see the GP and got some advice about CBT (read a book and did some online courses). Some libraries have a Reading Well scheme which has recommended books about anxiety (and other things!). More recently, I've been referred for some CBT sessions with a practitioner to manage my anxiety.

I would suggest going to see your GP and asking for more help. HVs are great but there may be more resources available to you. Hormones certainly don't help! I have always found talking to other mothers helpful, knowing that I'm not alone.

flowers cake brew for you, congratulations on your DS.

JustPretending Wed 25-Nov-15 23:09:52

I had anxiety on & off in the early months. It was all overwhelming & I got worried about what I was doing wrong. What really helped was my dad telling me I was doing a great job. It gave me a little bit of confidence & whenever I felt wobbly I remembered him saying that. Also, getting out. I went to the odd group & was fairly crap at mingling & making friends but just seeing others there with their babies helped. The act of getting there felt like an achievement to be proud of early on.

Ps you're doing great.

Anroga76 Thu 26-Nov-15 07:52:02

Thanks both of you for replying - feeling very anxious this morning and still can't work out why, my baby is doing well and is very contented and happy.

I just have waves of anxiety come over me that I just can't shake off, I can't concentrate on anything except sorting out the baby, I feel overwhelmed that I now have this baby (that I have wanted for so long and gone through ivf for) and that I have to look after him for life basically.

I have been fine up to now, the anxiety started on Monday.

My stomach is in a knot and I can't eat, if I do can only manage a little.

I have talked it all through with my husband who is such a support but he thinks it's nothing to worry about.

I just feel scared as I have never felt like this.

Good to read some one else has experienced it too, tempted to go to see gp but don't want to just be put on tablets.

AlmaMartyr Thu 26-Nov-15 07:58:21

Oh, it's a horrible way to feel, poor you sad

My GP never has put me on tablets but referred me to various things which really helped, so I wouldn't worry about that (although yours might be different ofc).

Anroga76 Thu 26-Nov-15 08:45:40

It is a horrible feeling which I have never experienced before.

Thanks for your message if it carries on will see my go like you did.


JustPretending Fri 27-Nov-15 07:08:45

This is a good article on post natal anxiety.

JustPretending Fri 27-Nov-15 07:09:46


JoyceDivision Fri 27-Nov-15 07:18:00

Hopefully op over time as youget used to caring for your dc it will become more 'familiar' andless worrying.

I remember with dc1 just stood staring thinking 'wtf??' and realising ithad taken all day to do some washing up and a load ofwashing... try notto get stuck in teh house, even if yuo just get out with the pram and walk droppingin on family is alway as good idea so you're not sat in on your own during the day.

Anroga76 Fri 27-Nov-15 09:33:46

Thanks just pretending that is a good article.

Also Joyce division for your reply.

Took my son to the gp yesterday about his reflux and broke down and told her how I was feeling. She was great and has referred me to have some cbt counselling first as she is reluctant to put me on anti depressants as they can make you more anxious.

Last night my husband let me sleep in the spare room while he looked after the baby, I did get some sleep but woke up with the same feeling of anxiety.

Feel ok at the moment but it comes in waves and I am scared of it when it is coming.

Hopefully talking about how I am feeling will help and they will have ways I can deal with it.

Just don't understand how I have been fine up until this week and now when I look at my gorgeous little boy I just feel so anxious.

BotBotticelli Fri 27-Nov-15 22:04:28

One thing to remember op is that newborn babies are pretty overwhelming: they are incredibly needy and it largely falls to mum to look after them.

BUT it won't be like this FOREVER. Toddlers are not needy like this. They boogle about and do they're own thing a lot of the time (like empty your cupboards!). Preschoolers are not like this. They watch Disney Films whilst you paint your nails/read a book. School children are not like this. They go out on bike rides whilst you and your husband read the Sunday papers.

Yes, life has changed for ever by having children but the really stressful bit when they're tiny and utterly dependent on you only lasts a few weeks really in the scheme of things.

By 6mo my baby could happily be left in his cot with a pile of books and musical toys whilst I had a long hot shower and dried my hair.

Life gets back to normal.!

Hang in there and do the CBt. It will give you ways to cope when these feelings come. But please try to remember that you're "in the trenches" right now with a newborn and it does get easier as they get older x

Anroga76 Sat 28-Nov-15 20:27:15

Thanks got your helpful rely bot - definitely going to keep in mind I am on the trenches at the moment and it will get better.

Did you do cbt or take meds?

BotBotticelli Sun 29-Nov-15 13:04:32

My GP referred me for CBt counselling and I also took meds - 20mg of Citalopram. I resisted the medication for ages cos j didn't want to admit that I was really that unwell. In the end I didn't take them until y son was over a year old and I really really wish I had taken them when he was a newborn!! Within about 3 weeks of starting them I felt back to normal like my old self. Apparently Citalopram is a good drug for people with anxiety as well as depression and it certainly worked well to "cure" my anxiety symptoms. I did feel slightly worse for 3-4 days when I first started taking it but then quickly got over this common side effect and then one day, about 3 weeks in, I noticed that I felt calm and happy and found things funny again for the first time in a year....!

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