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na5ima Tue 24-Nov-15 10:11:46

Hello All,
I applied for my son to join the modelling agency m0del (the O isn't a letter it's number zero) and he got selected. He his 5 month and 3 weeks.

I know I should of done the research beforehand however I can't find much info on the agency now and to find info is from the website only. Has anyone come across this website. I applied through Facebook.

Let me know smile

anorakgirl Tue 24-Nov-15 10:16:21

I can't find anything when I Google it so I would stay away from it, most likely a scam

strawberryandaflake Tue 24-Nov-15 10:25:04

Through Facebook? Definitely a scam. Don't give them any money.

na5ima Tue 24-Nov-15 12:23:08

Got an email saying I don't pay for anything as its a test photo shoot. They want to know if my son will be okay with the camera lights etc..

I googled child model agency ands its on the top of the list.. Strange

SallyStarbuck Tue 24-Nov-15 14:47:22

The web address is owned by someone called Nicola Jones, and a quick Google found this bad review

Elliott2014 Thu 26-Nov-15 11:00:32


Same thing with my little boy he is 15 months. I have booked a test shoot for next Tuesday but not sure about this now. Are M0dels the same agency as Adora? Loads of bad reviews! Have you been for your shoot yet? M0dels seem a new agency and don't have many people on their website. I already have photos for Elliott as my friend is a professional photographer and had done them for free.

Any advice?


na5ima Fri 27-Nov-15 09:30:19

Hi Elliott2014
I have booked in as I'm curious and the shoot is being taken by New York City studio.. Not really found anything negative yet.. Looks like their new.. I've booked it in on the 6th Dec. The shoot will be paid for but if my son gets selected I will have the choice to buy the pics etc

Clair2104 Sun 29-Nov-15 23:03:36

I think this is the same agency as 'Blackberry models' but changed its name because of all the bad reviews it has, it's in the same studio as them, they work hand in hand with the agency but they say that they have nothing to do with them, that they only take the pictures (And the money!!). It is a total scam! Do not go anywhere near them, they scammed us out of £600! They are very pushy and VERY convincing! We tried to take legal action but they have got every based covered, even our solicitor said that it was a very clever (but cruel) scam! They are praying on babies and children and their parents get convinced to sign up! Plus when you have finished they have lots of pictures of your child which I wasn't very happy about at all when I found out that it was a scam, but at the time you think that it's a legit modelling agency. PLEASE STAY CLEAR OF THEM!

NeedAScarfForMyGiraffe Sun 29-Nov-15 23:15:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

na5ima Mon 30-Nov-15 00:11:27

Thanks Claire for that.. I will call up and cancel.. I just wouldn't feel comfy if they keep my sons photo after the shoot smile

Elliott2014 Mon 30-Nov-15 08:06:38

Hi Na5ima

I sent you a PM have a read of it. Also they read sites such as this to see who is talking about them....very strange.

Elliott2014 Mon 30-Nov-15 08:07:22


What happened with you? Was your test shoot in New York studios Manchester?

na5ima Tue 01-Dec-15 08:59:32

I have emailed and cancelled my shoot. One person left a negative review on the Facebook page and I just don't want to be put into a situation where I'm going to feel uncomfortable..

Trills Tue 01-Dec-15 09:06:40

That looks like an INCREDIBLY untrustworthy URL.

Elliott2014 Tue 01-Dec-15 10:18:28

Just had a look now at their Facebook page and lots of people have said the same thing. One lady gave her bank details. I cancelled and still getting emails about attending the shoot. Glad I never went it's a total scam. I am now sure it's the same company doing this but changing their name. Glad you have cancelled yours xx

GrandmaG56 Mon 14-Dec-15 11:37:41

M0del !!!! More like bogus!..... This is a scam to get money out of unsuspecting parents.
My daughter took my grand daughter to one of their so called photo shoots at the weekend, although the photos were pretty good ( no credit to the agency, it was down to the photographer that they hired).

All they did was take half a dozen photos and then ask for a minimum of £600 for them, all they were interested in was obtaining everyone's credit card/ bank details or non refundable cash and cash deposits, they weren't interested in the kids or looking for any kind of modelling work for them, they are unable to give reference of any reputable assignments they have obtained for anyone.

I also investigated their head office, which doesn't exist......the address in their brochure is a serviced office which I found out the telephone number for and contacted the landlord of that building, they confirmed they had no such company or any model agency that rented offices from them and the telephone number that is on the model agency leaflet is not the number at those offices.

Fortunately on the day of the photo shoot, my daughters partner was with her and he saw right through them, otherwise my daughter may have thrown away over £600 just before Christmas.

Please, please do not fund this scamming company, by agreeing to attend their bogus photo shoots and allowing them to continue ripping off innocent people. People like them disgust me.

My other grandchild has had a few assignments with "Tuesday's Child" and no rediculous sums of money had to be paid to them.

Don't let these people try and steal your hard earned money, think carefully before handing over any money, research the company fully and don't let them bully you into paying there and then, if they want you badly enough they will wait for you to think everything through before making a final decision.

SmallMommy Mon 14-Dec-15 21:59:31

@GrandmaG56- I've read your post and I am completely with you on this one. I've found out that the company has only been put together June 2015 so there are no reviews available only. My first clue was when we got booked into Jd Studio at Lionel Street (funny as this is the address for Blackberry Models) but I had to re-schedule a day after and was told that M0dels have 2 studios in Birmingham. We then got booked into Studio 94. On checking out both studios' websites they both appear to have a similar interface. I thought maybe it is the agency's own studios and as I couldn't find much reviews on the company, I went very cautiously. All started well when the photoshoot took place this weekend gone although the staff were very quiet and kept to themselves. Photographer seemed to know a lot about poses and the studio held a lot of equipment so I felt that it was all real. We were then sent to the waiting room to await the result. After what felt like 20-30 mins we were called into a room and a lady gave us the good news that my son got through and quickly showed images which she said we need to purchase as the agency require these immediately. After this I felt uneasy as we were pressured into buying the photos at £250 for 10 images and if we didn't buy there and then we will lose thes images as they can only keep til the end of the day. I told her we weren't expecting to pay anything on the day so we walked away and told them we'll be in touch.

I called this morning and asked to speak to the same lady as I wanted to buy images as other photographers were going to charge me more but strangely I was told she wasn't in but they will get the agency to contact me so they can go through payments!! I told them that on the Model brochure I was given after the photoshoot it states the agency will not have copies of the images and are completely separate companies. Rang studio again twice as I didn't get any calls and was told lady is there but very busy and can't come to the phone. Agency apparently, will call me tomorrow. Getting more suspicious I googled the head office address and BAM!! It is a virtual office in London and the phone number's voicemail seems really dodgy! So please watch this company as everything will sound legit but all is fake and we nearly got conned £250!! I do wonder if they will call tomorrow, chances are probably not. But if they do, I shall tell them where to go. Please be careful, it is so sad that there are people like this.

na5ima Tue 15-Dec-15 00:21:02

GrandmaG56 and Smallmommy

I emailed the company as I was under and couldn't find any info hence why I created this topic.. After all the feedback I decided not to attend and email them being very blunt about why I have decided not to attend.. They didn't even contact me saying anything which clearly proves they are cons

I would defo recommend ppl not to attend and defo do research

Elliott2014 Tue 15-Dec-15 17:17:03

They are a total scam! Had a war of words via email with the so called "head of new faces" totally unprofessional and rude. Called me all kinds of names and threatened me with legal action because of what I wrote on this site. Then had the cheek to send me a decline email for their so called agency! Haha! I got on to the fact they Perrin a very sip way to blackberry models and they didn't like it one bit. They also called the work of a lady who left a negative review on their Facebook and made threats. This company need stopping. I've noticed they have Marcus Collins from X factor as in of thier models! This can't be right.

na5ima Thu 17-Dec-15 00:00:18

Elliott, I just can't believe the hassle you've gone thru just by expressing your view on here. I just can't believe they are targeting babies.. It's not right and demanding money and making someone feel pressured it's not acceptable.. Glad we didn't go.. Image the awkwardness..

Mogwai01 Sat 19-Dec-15 22:17:09

I didn't find and reviews about m0del agency before I went. I also saw this on Facebook and read about it. I put both my daughters in for I and got an email. Which then I booked in with them after reading I wouldn't pay anything all they would take is a percentage off earnings which I thought sounded great. I went to the appointment, my girls had there pictures taken and then we had to sit and wait we where waiting over 30 nearly 1hr then was called in. We seen the pictures which where lovely I wanted to buy a few. The lady who we saw went through the prices which where a lot. I said it said on the web that it wouldn't cost anything as the photos would be only to them. I just wanted to buy a couple. £100 for one photo is to much so she made a deal to have 10 for £200 but I can't afford that much gutted in a way as the photos where lovely. the photographer was really nice but it just seams it's a place to have photo taken as if u don't buy any you can't go any further. Just more of a waste of my time and my kids as I could of got professional photos took nearer and cheaper. Wouldn't no if anything happens after as not buying photos as to expensive to buy just before Christmas.

scarednoob Sun 20-Dec-15 12:26:54

Urgh, trying to scam/take advantage of proud loving parents is a terrible thing to do, if that is what they are doing. And it sounds as if it is.

Hattieandsebsmummy Sun 20-Dec-15 21:15:15

Hi Everyone,
I'm afraid this M0dels company is a complete scam. I have got back today from a test shoot with my son and it was hideous. I was sent to a dirty, tatty studio run by young, uninterested and grubby looking (clearly hungover and complaining the whole time about how little money they had) people. No one explained anything to me, I was just told to sit down and wait. While I was waiting and during my son's shoot, the waiting room filled up with children who, like my son, we're just normal looking kids. Lots of older people too, none of whom were potential models. After the shoot, I was congratulated that my son got through, as I suspect was everyone else in there. They then told me that they were NYC studios working on behalf of M0dels and that unless I bought my sons portfolio for £200, the agency wouldn't be able to get him any work. I was asked what I did for a living (to make sure I wasn't a lawyer or trading standards officer??) before being asked outright how I wanted to pay. No 'option' given, just an open ended close. I called their game and refused to pay and walked out. Since then, I have looked up M0dels and it is very clear that they do not exist. Their 'offices' around the country show a different computer generated image of a reception desk but give the same London phone number. Their London address is simply a serviced office, the manager of which have never heard of them. I wish I had told all those poor people in the waiting room to run and save themselves as none of them looked like they had money to waste, especially just before Cmas. I feel so shocked that this can be allowed to happen. My husband works for the BBC and we will be raising the company with rouge traders in the new year. This company uses exactly the same interface as Blackberry Models and u believe have rebranded from a previous name to hide from bad reviews.

Hattieandsebsmummy Sun 20-Dec-15 21:24:33

Rogue Traders that is, damn autocorrect.

leb33 Sun 20-Dec-15 21:32:49

A friend of mines DH is a model and I've asked him about this type of thing before on behalf of a friend with a very pretty DD who was approached by ones of these agencies.

His advice was that he would always be suspicious of any 'agency' that asked for money up front. He did have to pay for his portfolio but it came out of earnings from jobs that the agency gave him, and he still gets jobs from them now.

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