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any disasters with mobile baby and Christmas tree?

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justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Mon 23-Nov-15 09:38:05

LO will be 11 months. I'm sure she'll love the tree, she wants and grabs everything - there is not one thing in my flat she has not shown an interest in!

DP suggested getting a smaller one and having it high up but I would love to still have one on the floor.

I'm considering wrapping some big boxes and popping them around the tree if she will not leave the (fake) tree alone but just wondered if you've had any disasters or tips I should consider?

Thanks all!

P.s. 32 days till Christmas!! :D

CurlsLDN Mon 23-Nov-15 09:41:23

Ds is 19 months, I'm certain he will pull on the tree. We're planning to get a more modest one than usual (4foot instead of 6), put it on top of a low table so that he will still reach the lower branches but not be able to take all the decorations off,and use fishing wire to tie the top to the blinds, so he can't topple it.
Wouldn't dd just push the boxes aside?

Arkkorox Mon 23-Nov-15 09:41:46

Watching with interest, dd was 3 weeks old last Christmas so everything was still safe. This year I don't think that will be the case!

Arkkorox Mon 23-Nov-15 09:42:24

Oh by the way we've got a puppy play pen which the Christmas tree will be going in! You can still see it all but no one can practice opening the presents!

educatingarti Mon 23-Nov-15 09:43:05

Buy or borrow a play pen. Put the tree in it!

justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Mon 23-Nov-15 09:45:34

Hmm good point about pushing the boxes aside.. it worked for someone else so hoping it might work for me!

Are play pens cheap as I'd have to buy one!

educatingarti Mon 23-Nov-15 10:08:17

If you live near Staines there's one on eBay for a tenner atm. Have a look for others on eBay, Gumtree or put a request out on your local freegle or free cycle group.

DIYandEatCake Mon 23-Nov-15 13:12:45

We had our usual Christmas tree (a fake one) last year, but put it somewhere we could tie it to a wall light fitting to stop it being pulled over. We put any delicate decorations near the top, and more baby-friendly ones round the bottom (bells that jingled, some plastic ornaments, pom-poms, felt birds etc). Ds (12m then) loved playing with it, and we just retrieved the scattered decorations every so often. We didn't put any presents under the tree til Christmas Day though, it would have been too much temptation for him and his 3yo sister.

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