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Nerf battles in the current climate. over thinking it?

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megletthesecond Sun 22-Nov-15 18:01:56

I can't tell whether I'm over worrying about this one. But I thought aibu would descend into a ruck.

9yo ds loves playing Nerf guns with his mates. It doesn't get nasty, they usually have fun setting up targets and get lots of fresh air.

But since the attacks in Paris I've not let him play guns put the front of the house. He certainly wasn't allowed them last weekend and he didn't take them out this week.

Am I over thinking this, under thinking it? Should I just let him go out with his Nerf again? His friend wanted to play nerf today. Not sure if I'm being mean or not. And equally I can't decide when will be ok to start playing out with them again. I have ASD so I never know if I'm putting my foot in it or not. Help!

DS might mention it to grandma who will tell me off if she doesn't agree so I'd rather run it past mn and check if I'm being silly confused.

icklekid Sun 22-Nov-15 18:04:06

I think you are over thinking it. Children playing with toys is totally different to terrorism. If you are really worried could they play in a garden rather than public park?

megletthesecond Sun 22-Nov-15 18:10:57

Over thinking is better than being an insensitive oaf. That's a relief! I know it's different to the horror in Paris, it just left me feeling uncomfortable having them out there 'shooting' each other.

House is fine actually. And garden will be ok too.

Next weekend I'll probably let him go out again then.

toastandmarmaladewithacupoftea Sun 22-Nov-15 21:27:07

I actually think that's very considerate and thoughtful of you to ask him to hold off. And I think you're right with the timing for letting him start again too.

Not overthinking it - just right.

Sparklingbrook Sun 22-Nov-15 21:32:31

I wouldn't worry about it. Bright orange and blue plastic guns with foam darts are fine.

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