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12 year old daughter to shy

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Sleeplessworry Tue 17-Nov-15 20:45:34

My daughter is very shy and don't know how to encourage her to stop being when see was younger she was never shy and always seemed to be confident but then when she was a bout ten she started to become shy and it seems to be getting worse she does have friends although she lost her best friend as she moved away this summer and she was someone she did everything with. now she is not interested in hanging with any of her friends outside of school and only likes to sit around watching things on her iPad if someone speaks to her she either grunts at them or looks at me in panic to answer the question she now says she doesn't want to go to the cinema with friends as she is scared to ask for drinks and popcorn at the counter but yet she's been to the cinema with friends in the past and never let this bother her when I tried to talk to her about it she just got defensive and stomped up stairs she also has no confidence in how she looks even though we tell her she is pretty it just worries me that if it gets any worse she will miss out on thing and when she gets the the age where she will need to work she will struggle with things like job interviews to a lot of people she comes across as laid back calm and chilled and often uses sarcasume as a defence

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