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MumToBe2015R Tue 17-Nov-15 16:10:32

Baby is 14w, I was wondering when can I start him on solids?

Trying to get prepared, seen a few baby bits that state 4m onwards.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Also what is best to start with?

Thank you x

Sirzy Tue 17-Nov-15 16:14:20

Ideally not before 6 months, personally I wouldn't do before ) months unless a medical professional has suggested it.

I just started with homemade purees - veg and fruit ones at first and then whizzed up meals. He quickly moved onto lumpy then "proper" food though.

wetsnow Tue 17-Nov-15 16:16:42

6 months and baby lead weaning worked best for us.
I started researching, read everything i could and made my own decision.

Peaceloveandpartyrings Tue 17-Nov-15 16:50:02

Yep 6 months and don't even bother trying before they can sit up on their own (unless medically advised). Talk to your health visitor about attending a weaning workshop smile
Honestly, it's a pain in the arse. Stick with milk as long as possible ;)

youlemming Tue 17-Nov-15 17:00:03

You can start to prepare by cooking a batch of veg to puree and put in ice cube trays then freeze, but as others have said it's not recommended before 6months.
Even then it's just little tasters as milk will still be the main source of nutrition until 1yr.
The local HV's usually have weaning talks as part of the postnatal groups, worth giving them a call and see when the next session is. Very useful for finding out what foods to avoid or limit as well.

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