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The Sibling Question

(6 Posts)
MiaLou Fri 13-Nov-15 10:44:15

Hi all. I need a bit of advice!
My four-year-old has recently started asking when she is going to have a 'new sister' or wanting to know when we will have a 'new baby'.
A few of her friends at pre-school have siblings on the way and she's really set on having one herself but it's something I am definitely not ready for anytime soon and might not ever be ready for!
Any tips on how to explain that she may never have a sibling without upsetting her too much?! Or am I just being paranoid and is it something she will forget about before too much longer?
Any advice gratefully received! :-)

MNerAnon Fri 13-Nov-15 11:10:45

Just say it as it is.

Some people have a brother or a sister and some people don't.

There are lots of different reasons fo r having two children and there are lots of different reasons for only having one precious child.

Then you could say what your reasons are?

And you could say that you believe your child will always make greater friends to share fun times with.

Maybe they could visit some close friends/family when they have a new baby and get a turn holding the baby to experience it.

Truth is always best.

Thurlow Fri 13-Nov-15 11:18:26

Just be honest. DD is the same age and is asking the same questions - she's even planned where the baby will sleep and what TV programmes they can watch together confused

It's probably just a phase. But say yes, some people have two, or three, or four children, and some people have one.

MrsB1988 Fri 13-Nov-15 11:25:26

My dd is the same. Dh has had the snip so no more we have two dc planned only two and deliberately close together so they would be friends. It breaks my heart a bit because she would have been a lovely big sister to a lo. I tell her I have got no more room in my belly it could only fit her and her brother I can't have anymore...some people have lots of room in their belly for lots of babies and some don't. She asks every now and again and that answer seems to satisfy her until she forgets and asks again. She's in pre-school.

KatyN Fri 13-Nov-15 17:29:36

I am currently pregnant and my son still wants more babies. He keeps telling me about friends who have two siblings or his imaginary friends who have 17 babies. So I'm thinking it's a question they ask.

I have said that after this baby there won't be any more because mummy is too old. It is saying the house ewasn't big enough but he pointed out that babies were quite small.


MiaLou Mon 16-Nov-15 10:28:47

Thanks all, I really appreciate the advice. It makes it harder when hubby is pretty keen on having another baby too but I'm really not!
She did ask me again at the weekend and I told her that right now I was enjoying spending lots of lovely time with just her at the moment. It seemed to satisfy her to a point but next time she mentions it, I'll be referring to the suggestions above for sure. :-)

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