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6th month old sleeping problems

(4 Posts)
Chocolatecakefan Wed 11-Nov-15 20:13:15

Can I get some advice please?

My 6month old has always been a fantastic sleeper, sleeping through from 11weeks. However the last month, she has started waking up in the middle of the night hungry, is this just a growth spurt or something else?

About 4 weeks ago she had an horrendous cold and fever which took her about 2 weeks to get over fully, during this time she was constantly waking up as she couldn't breathe etc which is fair enough with a blocked up nose! However it has been since this time that she's stopped sleeping through.

She is now back to her normal milk intake (4 x 7oz bottles plus an 8oz before bed) plus we are now starting to wean her (BLW) and she is happily chomping on half a weetabix/slice of toast/banana etc so she should be getting enough calories but she is waking up about 2am wanting at least 6-7oz! Any less and she wakes up again a couple hours later....

I've been trying to pre-empt the waking up by giving a 6oz dream feed which seems to be working but I don't understand the sudden need for extra milk. Could it be a growth spurt do you think?

I was expecting milk intake to start to decrease now, not increase!!!

FireflyGirl Wed 11-Nov-15 21:32:40

Can't give you a reason, but we had the same thing. Coincided with him starting his crawling efforts.

Growth spurt? Cognitive development? I have no idea. He's eating, so is clearly hungry, so we're just going with it and trying not to cry that our nights are being disturbed again

Crazylou Wed 11-Nov-15 23:11:43

My little one is just over 6 months he's been having sleepless nights for last few months he is teething badly but not crying with it, he's started to settle a bit more now he sleeps from 7.30 to 7.30am he stirs few times but settles himself he was waking up hungry around 3am for the last month around when I started weaning him, the more solids I started to give him the less milk he gradually took now he's not waking up hungry, I guess it just takes time. I started to notice that the milk wasn't filling him up enough so I've increased his solids

He gets
6/7oz bottle at 7.30am
Breakfast at 8.30am (weetabix with some banana or porridge etc)
6/7oz at 1130am
Lunch at 1230 (varies from fruit/toast)
6/7oz at 3.30pm
Dinner at 4.30pm (veg, potatoes etc, varied every night)

In between feeds he has plenty play time and naps twice once in morning and once in afternoon

7pm bath, then 8/9oz bottle then he's asleep for 7.30/8pm

It took time for him to settle during the night after being able to sleep right through until he was 5 months, growth, development can contribute to the sleepless nights it can be exhausting for us parents.

ODog Thu 12-Nov-15 07:12:49

Could be anything. My DS stopped all night feeds at around 8mo for a month and then needed one again for a couple of months. Nothing is linear in babies so I'd just go with what she needs, it won't be forever.

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