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Behaving differently in nursery

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Rinceoir Tue 10-Nov-15 20:27:35

DD is 18months and in nursery almost full time (I work shifts so often has half days/midweek off days). She started at 10.5months and settled well, became very attached to her key worker. She had recently moved up to the toddler room, and it seems to suit her developmentally. She runs in happily in the morning and waves bye.

However the staff describe her as "independent" and say she doesn't want cuddles if she is hurt/annoyed. She was bitten by another child last week, enough to leave teeth marks and bruise and she didn't cry/call out to them. She is totally different with us, very affectionate. Her old key worker was helping out in the toddler really l today and when I arrived to collect her DD was on her lap with arms wrapped around her neck. So now I've been worried that she is really missing out on the affection and cuddles she was getting in the baby room. We have parent-key worker meetings next week and am wondering if I should discuss this or just wait and see how things develop?

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