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I know it sounds ridiculous...

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Rose138 Tue 10-Nov-15 17:40:30

Hello everyone,

This may sound ridiculous but my son has a freak out every time I meet with one of my friends and her little girl. They are both just over 1.

I take my son to baby groups and he's been part of a baby swimming group since he was 9 weeks old. He has 8 cousins ranging from ages 2-14. So it's not like he's not used to children.

It's happened the last few times we've met now, he just cries screams and clings on to me. My friends daughter is so lovely towards him. I just feel awful that it keeps happening and feel that eventually my friend will stop making arrangements with us.

Like I say I know it sounds ridiculous and is probably just one of those things but if anyone could share any experiences ect as I'm questioning myself as a parent! Even though I know he's such a happy little boy. Thank you!

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