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4 month old wanting 7oz every 2 hours

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Sociallyawks Tue 10-Nov-15 07:42:54

My 4 month old used to be fed 7oz of formula every 3 1/2 - 4 hours, now he is wanting the same but every 2 hours. Surely this can't be right? He's on anti reflux milk as he cant keep normal formula down so can't try hungry baby milk. I did try feeding him cooled boiled water inbetween feeds but he cannot keep that down either.

I've spoken with our dr (well the dr covering our usual GPs mat leave) and nurse practitioner, neither of which offered any advice.

He's also started the 4 month sleep regression and teething so things are pretty tough right now, any suggestions are welcome!

winchester1 Tue 10-Nov-15 07:49:44

I'd expect it's tied to the sleep regression and growth spurt I'd just go with it unless he starts to gain weight too quickly.

Sociallyawks Tue 10-Nov-15 08:01:56

Thanks winchester things are such hard work at the minute, I don't know weather I'm coming or going with DS!

winchester1 Tue 10-Nov-15 08:14:22

Tell me about it ours is dropping her 2nd nap, weaning and eat from a spoon whilst also dropping bottles too fast so waking hungry but not wanting milk! And dc1 keeps hugging her too hard and head-butting her. The noise alone is driving me crazy.

Sociallyawks Tue 10-Nov-15 08:19:18

Ahh we are dropping naps here too, so even more tiredness to throw into the mix!

I'm sat in the loo as we speak grabbing 5 minutes trying to block out the sound of crying which has been going on since 2am. Pass me a gin coffee.

winchester1 Tue 10-Nov-15 09:05:54

Id say this too shall pass but mine are 2.2 and 10months and Tha phrase is starting to piss me off wine

BotBotticelli Tue 10-Nov-15 17:23:56

If your LO is 4 months old you could try a little bit of baby food? Baby rice or baby porridge made up with formula suitable from 4 months?

I KNOW the current guidelines are to wait until 6mo but follow your baby's cues. He or she hasn't read the flipping guidelines. If she is hungry, and milk is not satisfying her, try some food!

Lots of other Western European countries (I think Germany and Holland?) recommend weaning from 4 months. 6 months is not "the law", it's just a guide.

In RL most mums I know ended up introducing a bit of baby food around 4.5/5 months old. It only seems to be a "thing" on mumsnet where suggesting a bit of age appropriate baby food is tantamount to child abuse....!

Twobadmice Tue 10-Nov-15 17:36:51

He does have a bit of baby rice or porridge which he loves. I have fed him on demand today and it seems to satisfy him more, definitely had less meltdowns!

dementedpixie Tue 10-Nov-15 17:39:38

Try 8oz instead?

waitingforsomething Tue 10-Nov-15 20:31:26

I have a hungry 4 month old DS too. I've started putting 8oz in a bottle although he often still drinks 7 and feeding him 2.5-3 hourly at his request. I'd say 2 of his 5 feeds a day he takes 8oz the rest between 6 and 7. Also started teething - it's grim I empathise

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