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GigiB Mon 09-Nov-15 21:22:46

My 5 year old son is experiencing some bullying, i want to nip it in the bud before it becomes anything and would like any helpful advice experienced mums have to offer...
He's in year 1. He bounces around between social groups but is generally happy, loves learning and likes school. He mainly says he's enjoyed the day, but there are some incident that are getting more frequent that I will describe a bit below. He's sometimes shy and he is quite small for his age (he's an august birthday). He get pushed around a bit.
He plays with one other boy at school most days, however, this boy has now said he wants to make new friends as well (which i think is fair as they're only 5).
There is another boy who is a strong personality in the class, most of the boys in the class look up to him, including my son, my son and he don't gel. The boy doesn't let my son play with him and hence excludes him from the group (boys in the class). It happened in reception (last year) to a few of the boys and I told the teacher (discreetly), she handled it well and did 'carpet time', got the children playing more.
I thought the problem had gone away, however, in the past week my son said he's by himself a lot in the playground and not allowed to play sad . he's also said that his friend and he played at one of the breaks 'to make it fair'.
I've bitten the bullet and invited the boy with the 'strong personality' to play next week, as i think they will get on, my son is really excited he's coming over.
I will probably tell the teacher again. I don't think i should tell the boys mum as i think this won't help. Interested to hear others experiences (especially if its positive advice.)

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