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Where can I get a 'tiny baby' size swimsuit?

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JDad2015 Mon 09-Nov-15 00:28:13

JMum, JD and I are planning a trip to the local swimming pool.

JD is just over 2 weeks old and is officially a 'tiny baby' but we haven't found any swimwear smaller than 0-3 months size.

Do such things exist or do we need to fashion our own?

MargotLovedTom Mon 09-Nov-15 00:30:13

My baby days are long gone but is it okay to take a newborn into public swimming pool?

MargotLovedTom Mon 09-Nov-15 00:32:16

Have just had a quick look to satisfy my curiosity and apparently it could be more of an issue for the mother?

zzzzz Mon 09-Nov-15 00:32:56

It will be too cold for her in a pool for some time yet. Is she your biological child, because I can't quite believe your do is up for swimming 2 weeks after giving birth??

wrapsuperstar Mon 09-Nov-15 00:40:45

Yep. Too cold and to be honest too unhygienic for a very small baby who won't have had much chance to build up their immune system yet (and there are gentler ways to so than a public pool in winter...)
Plus, as PPs have said, 2 weeks postpartum and wanting to jump in a public swimming pool is very brave... Many (most) of us are still having some bleeding, not to mention potentially still recovering from birth -- even a straightforward delivery. Discount that last bit though if baby isn't a biological child, of course.

ANiceSliceOfCake Mon 09-Nov-15 05:32:56

Maybe you can get in the bath with your newborn and have some nice skin on skin time instead? Much more relaxing.

kinkytoes Mon 09-Nov-15 05:42:34

Yes a bath ls big enough to feel like a pool to a little newborn. Also I think most pools would prefer at least the first set of injections to have been had.

knaffedoff Mon 09-Nov-15 05:47:09

Many pools want babies to start their imms before allowing babies in to swim. The pool is unlikely to be cold too !

stealtheatingtunnocks Mon 09-Nov-15 05:47:12

There's a reason you can't find one...

Baby needs to learn to feed and grow, butterfly can wait.

sit down, eat a biscuit and have a snooze. You'll wear yourself out and give yourself galloping womb rot if you go swimming 2 weeks after having a baby.

LovelyWeatherForDucks Mon 09-Nov-15 05:47:49

I wouldn't bother - even if you find a swimsuit / baby wetsuit small enough you'll only be in there about 3 minutes before baby starts getting too cold. Your baby would probably get upset at the temperature, noise, lights, getting changed, etc and not enjoy it very much.

shouldwestayorshouldwego Mon 09-Nov-15 05:49:01

With a tiny baby I just wouldn't. Ours turned a fetching shade of purple very quickly and they weren't small and weren't as young. I would guess that you would be in there only 5 mins max, particularly in the winter. We tended to put ours in wetsuits to swim - once they were 3/4 months. The chlorine will begin to degrade the neoprene but it kept them pinker for longer. Don't worry though you have years of swimming trips ahead of you.

bloodyteenagers Mon 09-Nov-15 05:51:15

Baby at least 6 weeks old.
Mum 6 weeks and only if she isn't bleeding. Going before is a huge risk of infection for both.

When baby is old enough have a look at water babies. The pools are usually warmer for these sessions than general swimming.

VegasIsBest Mon 09-Nov-15 05:52:48

Many years ago our health visitor advised us to wait till babies had started their injections so they had some immunity before swimming.

Orangedaisy Mon 09-Nov-15 06:01:50

I'm going to buck the trend here. I did waterbabies with dd, we went in at 6.5 weeks, in a warmish pool and dd had a little wetsuit from Splashabout that the teacher lent us. There was a 5 day old baby in the class, in with his dad as mum in no fit state to be in a pool but she looked like she enjoyed watching. The baby seemed fine, if slightly oblivious to the whole thing. He was also in a Splashabout baby warmer thing. Have a look at their website, they might help. Advice about waiting til after injections is outdated now.

chantico Mon 09-Nov-15 06:14:04

I think it would be unwise for your DW to swim that soon post-partum.

Babies do not need specific swimwear. Just a good swim nappy and a very warm pool.

What pool are you thinking of? Your own? Crank the heating up and you go in with her.

DoodleCat Mon 09-Nov-15 06:20:16

Waiting till immunisations is old advice, NHS now say anytime is fine for baby, but Mum needs to have stopped bleeding. Most public swimming pools though haven't caught up yet & insist on immunisations first. As long as baby has a wetsuit & you get out when they get cold-go for it! Babies love the water, the noise & your attention.

DoodleCat Mon 09-Nov-15 06:22:20

Although that doesn't answer your actual question! I'd put baby in a swim nappy, a happy swim nappy type thing & wetsuit - but don't worry if wetsuit is a little big as they grow so fast! Just wrap it around tight and get out of pool when cold.

AuntieStella Mon 09-Nov-15 06:27:53

Yes, the advice on need for immunisation changed when the (sheddable) polio immunisation was phased out in 2004 in favour of the (non-shedding) injectable.

zzzzz Mon 09-Nov-15 07:38:13

Arf at "sheddible"grin (poster means shittable as the babies poo carried live polio). Public pools are a bit yuk aren't they?

BigGreenOlives Mon 09-Nov-15 07:40:38

Don't forget proper swim nappies to contain anything. Really unpleasant for everyone else when a pool has to be closed because a baby has pooed in it.

trilbydoll Mon 09-Nov-15 07:42:17

DD is 2.5 and I still put her in a wetsuit grin honestly, they're definitely the way to go. Even if the pool is really warm, they get cold really quickly when you get out.

museumum Mon 09-Nov-15 07:44:32

Injections are irrelevant as they're not the kinds of diseases you can catch in pools. But body weight is important.
Our baby swimming requires them to be 14lbs for a normal public baby pool (around 31 degrees) and 12lbs for a warm pool such as a small hotel pool or a hydrotherapy pool.
My ds was just about 12lbs at 11 weeks which is when we started.

Enjoy! As baby swimming is lovely smile

museumum Mon 09-Nov-15 07:48:07

This is one of the best sources of stuff

You need an under nappy (often disposable but there is a reusable version but I would use disposable for a bf baby) then a "happy nappy" to contain leaks. Then a wrap for a tiny baby or wetsuit when they're bigger.

My 2yr old is still in a wetsuit in public pools as he loves to swim for 45mibs or so but without it he'd be shivering after 20mins.

MediumBox Mon 09-Nov-15 07:50:11

at 2 weeks both mine still had their cord stump, so swimming would have been out of the question.

pools are minging, I would wait another couple if months.

wonkylegs Mon 09-Nov-15 07:57:27 Do very tiny ones
We took DS swimming at 6wks. We just put him in the smallest disposable swim nappy we could get. We were staying at a hotel with a small quiet and warm poolso it was perfect. We had a towel on the side close to hand and only stayed in for a short time. It was lovely and when we returned home we went to the baby swim sessions at our local pool (warmer small pool) every week I was off on ML.

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