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silver cross simplicity car seat - anyone got one?

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nicg85 Sun 08-Nov-15 16:28:29

Hi. I'm struggling to put my 11 day old daughter in this car seat as when I do her chin is touching her chest. I've read on the internet that chin to chest should not happen. I've adjusted the seat so the head rest is on the lowest setting but it's still not right. It's stopping me from taking her out. Anyone else have this car seat and found this problem with a newborn baby?? Thanks smile

ShanghaiDoll Mon 09-Nov-15 01:15:06

I also had this problem with DD who was born nearly 3 weeks early. She looked really tiny and her head kind of flopped to the side. We ended up putting rolled up towels down the sides by the head restraint and then had her sitting on a folded up muslin.

I think JJ Cole also do a body support thing which in hindsight might have been easier!

Cirsium Mon 09-Nov-15 01:25:36

Do your actual car seats tilt to the back/higher at the front. I found my baby seat was ending up too upright and causing DD's head to fall forward, even when fitted with an easy base. I have folded a picnic blanket over half the car seat under the base to level it up.

nicg85 Mon 09-Nov-15 09:08:49

Yes the car seat does tilt back but the front isn't higher than the back. You can only adjust the head rest up or down you can't recline the back. Maybe putting a muslin square under her bum would work but I read you shouldn't do that ? I'm going to take the seat to the shop I bought it from to see what they say. Thanks for your advice smile

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