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RTKangaSANTAMummy Thu 07-Dec-06 11:03:52


RTKangaSANTAMummy Thu 07-Dec-06 11:04:56


RTKangaSANTAMummy Thu 07-Dec-06 11:05:22


RTKangaSANTAMummy Thu 07-Dec-06 11:06:27


RTKangaSANTAMummy Thu 07-Dec-06 11:07:48


winterpimms Thu 07-Dec-06 11:18:25

I missed it! Anything we should know?

RTKangaSANTAMummy Thu 07-Dec-06 11:22:35

Protect Your Child Online07/12/2006

One in five children aged nine to 16 regularly use chat rooms and more than half have engaged in sex chat. Internet 'Chat' is very popular among young people - offering the opportunity for immediate access to people of all ages and cultures from across the world. But it is a sad fact that a number of paedophiles are using chat rooms to prey on vulnerable children and teens. This week saw the launch of a revolutionary computer program that can help parents safeguard their children from paedophiles prowling the internet. In Loco Parentis has been developed with the help of anti-paedophile campaigners Sara Payne and Shy Keenan.

In Loco Parentis (ILP)

• This week saw the launch of a revolutionary computer program that can help parents safeguard their children from paedophiles prowling the internet.

• In Loco Parentis means "in place of parents" and is an unique anti-grooming software which can be downloaded to a home computer in just five minutes.

• In Loco Parentis enables you to see everything your child does and everywhere they go online - allowing the parent to take action as they see fit. Unlike other safeguards this logs everything going in and out. Most safeguards only log conversation going out.

• It works to monitor a child's online activity.

• It includes a unique "watch-word dictionary" to detect key words in online conversations indicating your child is being groomed by a paedophile or bullied via your computer.

• If the words appear, it sends an email alert to the parent without the child even knowing and offers the parent a chance to view the whole discussion.

• In Loco Parentis (ILP) logs all the child's computer activity, including which websites they have visited and even what keystrokes they have made.

• It monitors messages sent to the computer and allows the parent to have free upgrades in future.

• Parents can tailor the software to their own needs, allowing them to reduce or increase filters when they need to.

• Parents don't have to be computer whizzes to use the software. It has been designed to be simple.

• The software has been developed with the help of anti-paedophile campaigners Sara Payne and Shy Keenan. They joined forces earlier this year through child abuse support group Phoenix Survivors to demand changes in the law.

• The software costs £19.99 and can be downloaded from

Anti grooming software

Technology provides an increasingly effective safety-net, blocking dubious websites or identifying potential online predators. There are a wide range of internet management tools that can block access to undesirable websites. At home, most internet service providers (ISPs), such as BT Yahoo! or AOL, will have a complete suite of child protection filters built in. But concerned parents can also buy products, such as Net Nanny, Cyber Patrol and CensorNet to provide an extra layer of protection, perhaps to safe-guard very young children.

What else can parents do

• Never allow your child to give out information which will let people they don't know contact them offline.

• Restrict online activity to moderated chat rooms which are designed for children

• Learn the language of chat so you understand what your child is chatting about. Busy chat rooms can be hard to understand at first. Occasionally, they might want to meet a chat room friend. You must go along too people who seem pleasant and harmless online may not be who they say they are

• Sign up for a chat room yourself. This way you will learn how they work and get to know the different ways children can chat. For example, along with public chat rooms there are also private areas where you can have one-to-one conversations. You should discourage your child from doing this.

• Let your children know that they can tell you if any chat makes them feel uncomfortable, worried or scared. You need to let them know that you won't blame them. Keep to age-relevant and moderated chat rooms

• If you suspect a paedophile may be grooming your child, or your child is being stalked or harassed, you should contact the local police


winterpimms Thu 07-Dec-06 11:27:22

Thanks RTK - worrying isn't it.

RTKangaSANTAMummy Thu 07-Dec-06 11:57:01

Yes I know

DS uses the internet but whre we can see what he is doing


mrsmousemat Thu 16-Oct-08 08:58:06

It's a waste of time contacting the police.

When a older male asked my 12-year-old daughter if she wanted to have sex with him,through an internet message - the police said : 'It wasn't enough' for them to do anything. Or that he was interested in her sending him messages from her pink bedroom, the colour of her pyjamas or the fact that he seemed to be turned on by a descrition of her school uniform....

Why does the internet protect the pervs because if a teacher had asked her the same question - wouldn't he be interviewed?

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